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Fundamental Website Setup Links

AWSOM Pixgallery updated to 4.6.2

AWSOM Pixgallery has been updated and is now available for download from it’s product page, and will also soon be available from the WordPress auto-upgrade system. This version has a small bug fix for a possible Cross Site Scripting issue (thank you for the bug submission P. Thomas!). It is definitely suggested that all users upgrade to this version as soon as you are able.

AWSOM News Announcement updated to 1.4.6, WordPress 2.7 compatible

Hi Everyone, I’ve just updated the AWSOM News Announcement plugin to be WordPress 2.7 compatible. Please replace your current Plugin Files with the new version available from the AWSOM.org website. The biggest change is the new location for Managing your News Announcements–this is now under the “Posts” section of the Admin menu. This is now true for all versions of WordPress.

Please let me know if you run into any problems with the Plugin for any version of WordPress.

Automattic: You’ve Just Got To Stop This Crap, Now!

Ok, I have to admit something. I’ve purposely been avoiding looking at WordPress 2.7. After all of the mess that’s been characterized by the last few releases of WordPress (and by mess I mean the constant interface changes, constant Plugin structure changes) I really didn’t want any more negative opinions about the direction things are going with WordPress.

But I went and downloaded the Beta 3 version today.

Goddammit, why do you have to go and do these things Automattic? The admin interface is a damn mess now. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PAYING TO GIVE YOU THIS BAD ADVICE ON DESIGN?????

Seriously, is the intention to make it harder and more inconvenient to administer your site? Every update to the admin interface places things in more and more difficult places. The idea that you need to scroll vertically to get to things seems to be ingrained now. Guess what guys, most laptops now are WIDESCREEN, and a large percentage of your audience is using them primarily as their main computer. Placing links across the top of the screen makes way more sense that way down a page vertically.

And changing the jargon, terminology, and placement for sections every release is a plain crappy idea. What will we be calling Manage, Design, Appearance, etc. next release guys? Or will we actually have Manage again or now keep pages and posts separate?

Sure makes it real easy for us Plugin developers to maintain compatibility between releases guys–and yes, there are reasons why people don’t update fast or ever, and they aren’t all bad reasons.

I’m really tired of this mess. While I’m obviously capable of making the changes to the code needed for these constant interface changes, It’s becoming less and less worth it to me to do it for anything but my own sites and not bother updating general release Plugins like the ones I host here.

Here’s a clue: Plugin structure is meant to be a set up to allow people to reliably make additions to your basic system that will last over time. You don’t break this idea every release arbitrarily. If so, then that’s called a new version release, not a point release (so 3.0 is okay, but 2.7 is definitely not).

This is basic stuff. Please, let’s get with the program and not keep roiling users, Plugin creators, and Theme editors constantly, it’s getting a bit old now.

WordPress 2.6 issues with AWSOM Pixgallery

I wanted to let everyone know that older versions of AWSOM Pixgallery will not work entirely correctly in WordPress 2.6 based on the changes that have happened in the way certain paths are determined in WordPress. The basic features of Pixgallery should work fine, but certain other features, most notably the automatic default gallery creation during plugin install, the automatic cache folder creation during plugin install, and the “clear the cache folder” function in the Pixgallery Captions admin menu may not work correctly.

The current projected date for release of WordPress 2.6 is July 14 2008, and i expect to have a new version of the Plugin available by that date that fixes these issues, but I just wanted to caution any early adopters to make sure that you know that there could be some issues.

WordPress 2.5.1 released, major security fix required

WordPress 2.5.1 has been released, and all 2.5 users should immediately upgrade to the new version. There is apparently some kind of security vulnerability fix in the new version, so this is a critical upgrade for all users. I suspect it’s probably related to the ongoing series of issues that are causing spam attacks on older versions of WordPress, so this is a pretty big reason to be constantly on the lookout for irregular things occurring on your sites and make sure you always have the most updated versions of plugins and such installed.

So far it looks like all of the AWSOM plugins are unaffected by the upgrade and still work properly. If you encounter any issues though please let me know.

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