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Welcome to the Awsom Tutorial page. The following tutorials were written to help make it easier for regular people to understand the process of setting up and developing a website using the WordPress content management system.

AWSOM Plugin Video Tutorials

AWSOM Pixgallery

Video Tutorial 1: Create Your First Gallery Page–This Video is designed to show you how to quickly set up your first AWSOM Pixgallery image gallery page.

Video Tutorial 2: AWSOM Pixgallery Image/Gallery Caption Setup–This Video is designed to show you how to quickly set up Image and Gallery Captions.

WordPress Setup Tutorials

Tutorial 1: Your Web Server and Database Setup–This tutorial goes through the preparations and information you need to know BEFORE you even start working with WordPress.

Tutorial 2: WordPress Config File Setup— How to set up your WordPress configuration file.

Tutorial 3: Moving Files to Your Web Server— Some information on 2 popular free FTP programs, Filezilla and Cyberduck, and how to move your files to your web server.

Tutorial 4: First Admin Login— A run through of your first login to your new WordPress website.

Tutorial 5: Setup Options and Security— A list of the first things you should change and set up once you get WordPress up and running.

WordPress Troubleshooting guides

AWSOM Plugin FAQ/Troubleshooting guide: Help document for AWSOM plugins or general issues with any WordPress plugins.

Advanced WordPress Tutorials

Tutorial 1: Using the WordPress Loop To Display Custom Content— A write up of how I use the WordPress Loop to display the News Posts and Archive for my plugins AWSOM News Announcement and AWSOM Archive, and what pitfalls I needed to avoid to make it work.


  1. Where can I find information on setting up my web site to sell my music compositions? I’d like to sell my original sheet music and audio versions for downloading. The site will need “penpal” for a customer to pay for each download.
    Thank you.

  2. I normally suggest that you separate your functions. You can set up your main site to show off your stuff (have some song snippets available, some example text) which is easy using WordPress. You can then use a real store site to actually sell your stuff. Right now I’ve not found any good way to integrate both into WordPress. Also, Its not a bad idea getting a Paypal and a Google Checkout account, they’re both free.

  3. Hello —
    I am trying to setup the AWSOM gallery in a wordpress blog for a friend. I’d like to use the same border that you use for your administrative screenshots. How can I do that?

  4. Thank you very much for this great plugin. This is actually my first time seeing someone using video to show people how to use plugin. It is absolutely a great plus.
    Thank you again.
    I think it is a little outdated but still pretty useful.

  5. fyi – tried watching the video tutorial #1 – creating you first gallery… in both Firefox and Chrome just now – crashed both browsers – was able to watch #2 just fine

    • Very weird. The video uses a pretty standard quicktime format. Is it possible you need to update your version of Quicktime? Was this on a PC, Mac, or Linux?

  6. Hi Harknell. I have a problem with Awsom picgallery plugin. The problem is.. um.. I don’t know how to use it eventhough I already read all the instructions in the web but the result is still the same aka. it wont work. First of all I did uploading my pictures in my webserver but the weird thing is, they are not appear on my Pixgallery Caption Add/Edit/Delete Page. So thats leaves me sit infront of my PC and scratching my head till it blead. lol^^ Anyway, can you please teach me how to use it step by step with simple explainations?

  7. Hi
    I love the plug-in but I’m having trouble setting up sub-galleries. I have put the images into sub-folders, but on the page it displays the images individually and also the thumbnail images individually (two of everything!). Could you write a tutorial on how to do this? I’m using I-page for hosting and filezilla for ftp.

  8. Hello Harknell,
    I love the plugin but I have some questions.

    how do I make the image names, tags or captions searchable?

    I’m not getting the “lightbox” effect when enabled via the plugin options. I’d like for the images to pop off the page in a LB and be able to step thru them, any ideas?

    Thanks for a great plugin!

    • Hi Marco,
      I haven’t hooked up the image names and other elements to the wordpress search. That’s a level of complexity that I’m not sure I can tackle any time soon unfortunately.

      As for the lightbox effect, honestly, look around and you can find a few lightbox plugins for WordPress–install one of those and set Pixgallery to use it by setting it to use a 3rd party effect and add in the “rel” code that the plugin uses. The built in lightbox effect is very old, and was written by the prior developer of Pixgallery–and I’m not really able to do much with it at this point (I honestly am not good at Javascript).

  9. Hello Harknell,
    I was wondering if you could help me, the setup of the gallery worked just fine but when published all I get on the website is the picture titles and the next and previous buttons but not a single picture to view actually. I thought I did everything right in setting it up. What do you suggest. Thanks.

    • Hi Vera,
      Can you please post or send me a link to the page on your site with the issue? You can use the contact form on awsom.org if you want.

  10. Hi,
    Please check my problem.
    I’m no getting the thumbnail images but on clicking the caption of the image its opening the image file.
    i Have already set cache to 777
    my folders are located in
    1. folder /wp-content/uploads/cache
    2. folder /wp-content/uploads/chocolate-boxes

    • It sounds like one of your settings needs adjustment. In some cases adding or remiving the initial / in a path will fix this issue. You’ll need to try these places: Your cache path, the pixgallery code path. try them one at a time and see if it fixes things.

      • HI thanks for the tip now the thumbnails are coming fine.
        But there is one thing missing.
        Can you make some adjustment or an option in the plugin which can proportionate the size of image.
        Right now the plugin is cutting down the image when re sized for the blog.example: Lets say i have a image 1072×800 and i want the image to be resized in the blog by 450 in width, it should automatically proportionate to the height.

        • Hi Jimmy,
          Normlly the plugin does proportion things. Do you have the squared thumbnail checkbox selected in the settings? If so then that would chop things off, otherwise it will scale things based on your max size setting in the admin.

      • Hi

        Does the URL of the gallery and images will effect search engine optimization?

        Actual URL:

        SEO Friendly URL:

        I have thousands of galleries to create, so search traffic is important for my website. Please, help me in this issue

        • Hi Lokesh,
          I have not heard that there was any problems from search engines. Due to the way WordPress does things it would be difficult to recode the engine to integrate directly with their fancy permalink system–also many people don’t use fancy permalinks, so I’d have to have 2 different systems in place.

          Each image has a unique link that does not change, so it won’t be a normal issue for this to be cataloged.

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