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AWSOM Archive Version 1.4.3

Download the AWSOM Archive 1.4.3 Plugin

Is The Drop Down Menu not wide enough on your site? Look At The Troubleshooting FAQ to fix it.

The AWSOM Archive (formerly called AWSOM Drop Down Archive) is a WordPress plugin that allows you to place any type of Posts archive you want anywhere in your site. ComicPress users: You can now filter the archive based on your comic category.

Some of it’s other features are:

  • Easy Install: Simply upload the files to your plugin folder and activate the plugin. Your site now has an easy to access drop down archive on your Index and posts pages with absolutely no extra work.
  • Easy Setup: If you want more advanced features you can also customize your archive to display any archive that WordPress supports by editing the custom settings in the Options page.
  • Flexible Placement: The AWSOM Archive can be placed additionally anywhere in your site using either the post/pages code: %%awsomarchives%% or using a simple theme code placed with your theme file.
  • Full CSS Support: You can make the archive match your theme using any CSS code you’d like, all directly input through the Options page. Make it any size, color, position, etc. easily.
  • Fully XHTML compliant.
  • Now featuring support for limiting display of the posts in the archive based on category type–this requires the installation of the plugin “Archives for a category” version 1.3 or above.The default setup is great for Webcomic sites using the ComicPress theme, and replicates what comic sites like Megatokyo have in place. The following is a screenshot of the Options area:Awsom Archive Options screenshot

    It is preset to work in conjunction with the AWSOM News Announcement plugin.


  1. Hi the archive plugin is designed as a display mechanism for your current blog. It doesn’t actually have a way of connecting to an external source (ie your other blog). It simply makes the display of an archive page easier to set up and change without messing with theme files.

  2. Could someone please help me? I want to deactivate and delete this plugin, but I don’t have it in my list of installed plugins… Don’t understand any of it. I would really like to remove it from the page, but how?

    • Hi Stephen,
      If you go to the admin page for the plugin you will see a width entry box and a CSS entry box. By altering both you can make the width of the box wider, and change how the box looks.

    • Hi type = alpha is the setting to sort by post title. If you click the link to the WordPress codex in the plugin settings page you can see how to set up any custom sort

  3. Thanks, I switched to custom sort and entered the full string code for type=alpha but that made the drop-down disappear from the page. Now only the AWSOM Archive Name Customization shows, but it’s only showing as text on the page, not in a drop-down. I also tried filling in the other custom fields but it didn’t work. Please help; just trying to list all posts alphabetically.

  4. This is an odd request so my apologies in advance. I wanted to create a drop down of Pages based on the category. I know you can’t originally add categories to Pages, but I found a plug-in that did. Would it take a lot of work to modify the code so that it gets Pages based on category?

    • Hi Marq,
      In many ways that ability would require a brand new design. The current plugin uses a built in WordPress function, and to select and do what you ask would require a custom function being coded (since there isn’t a way to do it directly in WordPress).

      Maybe someone at the WordPress.org forums might be interested in custom coding something for this, I’d post there and see the response.

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