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AWSOM Drop Down Archive updated to 1.0.2

A new version of the AWSOM Drop Down Archive is now available. 1.0.2 fixes an issue related to improper rss feed collision. It’s available for download from it’s product page.


  1. hi thanks alot for coding a wonderful plug-in, but after installing I encountered a prob and would welcome ur feedback/help on it. well the dropdown displays at the top of page and on the sidebar in recent posts. how can I disable the sidebar dropdown and hav the dropdown ONLY in the top of the page? please help. thank you

  2. Hi Joel, I think I know what is happening on your site, but I need some information. What theme are you using and what other plugins do you have active? I use a special call to place the archive on the page and I think it might be firing 2 times on yours, so once I get your info I can set it so it won’t do that.

  3. gr8 thanks alot, I’m using N-gen studio’s Itheme. my wordpress version is 2.2 and I’m using the following plug-ins akisminet, Breukie’s Categories Widget, Contact Form ][,Executable PHP widget,GeneralStats, Genki Announcement, Google Sitemaps. and also this only happens when the recent posts widget is used. (I’m using wordpress 2.2’s own built in recent posts widget) please help. looking forward to ur answer.

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