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Fundamental Website Setup Links

I’m Teaching a WordPress Class at Katsucon

Hi everyone, I wanted to mention that I will be “teaching” a WordPress setup and install class at this year’s Katsucon convention. My panel is on Saturday February the 16th at 10pm. So this is the opportunity for anyone who has questions on WordPress, AWSOM plugins, or any other web development related stuff to come and get answers from me in person. I’d also like to point out that I’m helping sponsor a huge contest at Katsucon involving over 10 webcomics giving away one giant bundle of stuff to one lucky Katsucon attendee. The “Epic Webcomic Win” Contest page is over at my webcomic site Onezumi.com.

So now you have 2 huge reasons to go to Katsucon this year :)

Holiday Slowdown

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive, but bogged down in last minute holiday work. I’m working on the next release of the AWSOM News Announcement plugin right now, so I hope to get that out next week as a Christmas/New Year’s present to everyone :)

I may not post many updates in the next week or so though due to the tons of work I need to get done before the end of the year. I will however be available by email and contact form, and also checking Harknell.com and other locations in case people have support requests.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Site Update Schedule

I’m sorry for the recent lack of updates but I just got back from doing a Convention appearance at Philcon. It is also Thanksgiving holiday week in the U.S., so that is also making it difficult to get anything done. I’m focusing on getting the 4.4.4 release of AWSOM Pixgallery finished–so posts to the site for the rest of the week might also be light. Things will resume as normal after this week though, with (I hope) a new release of AWSOM News Announcement also.


Thank You To Advertisers

I wanted to thank the advertisers who have been placing ads through Project Wonderful and our own advertising service. They help make it possible for me to provide all of the plugins and other stuff that’s done here to you guys for free. So please check out their sites.

(UPDATED) Off the Tracks

It always seems like this, when you want to get back into the swing of things you come down with the Flu. I’m in bed and will probably be so for a few days so please keep that in mind if you send support requests or post in the support forums. I’ll try to answer things as soon a I can, but it sucks to be too weak to really move even the mouse well :(

UPDATE: I’m back from the hospital, yeah it got that bad. Pneumonia + 104 fever = 5 hours of iv drip fun. Obviously I will be totally in bed for a few days– I’ll try to answer general questions and such but anything advanced won’t be happening until next week.
Thank you for your patience.

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