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PhpBB Mod: Expire Unactivated Users Version 2.0.1

Download the official 1.2.0 Version of the Mod
Download the BETA 2.0.1 version of the Mod

This plugin is not for WordPress, but is a mod for the forum package phpBB 2.0. I developed it in response to the large amount of spammers we get on our forum site. The mod adds a new user admin area that allows the admin of the forum the ability to remove users who have registered but never confirmed their registration (mostly spammers who are trying to add their website to your memberlist to get google rank). It allows the admin to select from many timeframes from as short as one hour ago, to as long as a year. The Beta 2.0.1 version adds in an automation feature and is only marked “BETA” since the phpBB mod team has not certified it in their database yet–it is fully stable code though and I use it on my own forum at

expire image

expire 2

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