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AWSOM Pixgallery 4.4.4 rc1 now available

Hi everyone, the release candidate for AWSOM Pixgallery 4.4.4 is now available from the AWSOM Pixgallery product page. This new version has the final features of the 4.4.4 release, which now includes the 1st version of the Automatic Watermarking system for Pixgallery. With this new watermarking system you no longer have to go to the trouble of photoshopping your images with your url or custom overlay image, Pixgallery will do it for you. For this first version it’s limited to the bottom right corner of your images, but you can choose the overlay color of the text (which will display your blog url) or you can provide a file called “watermark.png” in the awsompixgallery/images folder which will then be placed over your image (an example file is already there for you to view).

You can view all of the new features and bug fixes on the Beta information page. Please note that I believe this version of the plugin will be the “final” release, but since the new features have begun to grow in complexity, and with the wide range of webserver setups in existence, I’m hoping that people can give me feedback if they encounter any issues with this version before I certify it as official.

Also note that you need to delete your current cache files before the watermarking function will operate. This is also true if you want to switch watermark types. So go to your webserver and find the folder you set as your cache folder (in the Pixgallery settings page) and delete all of the files in that folder (if you are using the default one that Pixgallery creates it is located at wp-content/uploads/cache within your WordPress folder) Also make sure you go to your admin–>options–>pixgallery page and set the new setting to the way you want them otherwise your current galleries may not appear correctly until you do so.


  1. That feature should be in 5.0.0 The next releases (4.5, 4.6) will set up all of the features of 5.0 (which will be commenting per image, tagging support, per gallery settings and more). I can’t say exactly when 5.0.0 will be released since it depends on these in between releases, but I want it to be as soon as possible. I’ve been pretty bad at predicting the dev time in the past (some stuff took way longer than I thought, some got fixed and added in a day), so I don’t want to say a date right now. The best thing to do is grab the AWSOM RSS feed and check back whenever a release occurs and see if it helps you out. I do think the next 2 releases will be good for anyone using the plugin, since they will be focusing on user interface and expanding the new easy workflow model that I’ve been developing.

  2. Cool. Thanks. On a side note, please consider increasing the window size for the non-visual editor for AWSOM news announcement. Currently, it’s 4-5 lines and hard to work in. I would simply use the visual editor, but since I still have the issue with the hyperlinks I can’t. Thanks for all the hard work!

  3. That’s a good idea. I recently noticed how easy it is to fill up the News area. The News Announcement plugin is the next in line for an update anyway so I’ll do that when I’m updating it.

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