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AWSOM Pixgallery 4.4.4 released

I am happy to announce the release of the newest version of the AWSOM Pixgallery plugin, version 4.4.4, is now available for download from it’s product page at AWSOM.org. This new release adds in the ability to automatically watermark your images, Set Custom Folder images, Quickly edit your thumbnails from the full size image page, Display your thumbnails on the index page like the big review sites (with a “see entire gallery” link), Absolute Linking support, and many other upgrades and bugfixes.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Pixgallery please make sure you go to your admin Pixgallery options page to activate and set the new settings after you install this version.


  1. Still having problems with an error message that appears whenever displaying images not hosted on the site. Now it reads “Error: Your Image Folder is not Set to the 777 permissions needed to allow Global Resize function to operate”

    I still can’t figure out why it’s trying to resize images that aren’t even in the gallery or even anywhere near it. It happens in all post pages that have images with sources that begin with “http://…”

    Other than that, it’s great. I’m still exploring all the new options. I already edited out the error message so it doesn’t bug me anymore. (I’ve gotten into a habit of this).

  2. I’m wondering if there are blanks (as in no numbers at all) in the fields in your admin settings for Pixgallery for the global resize function. If so then it might be glitching and not reading that as 0. I’ll have to look at the code. If so it’s a bug and I’ll fix it and release a new version.

  3. Ah, now I see the problem. By disabling the global resize it stops having that issue.

    I suppose my issue is that it applies the resizing to everything indiscriminately. For images that are hosted elsewhere it should either not try to resize them or load them from a resized version that is stored in the cache… if that’s even possible. The former might just be as easy as searching for “http://” in the image source, as those who do not have the http:// are obviously hosted on the site. Yes Pixgallery returns the same error if I source an image with an absolute instead of a relative address.

    For me, I find it just as easy to keep the global resize function and simply delete that piece of error code. Mostly because it doesn’t really interfere with the way anything works. Pixgallery just doesn’t like that particular combination and likes to complain I suppose.

  4. Working on my friend’s portfolio site (listed above). The thumbnails display- but clicking on one displays the image on a new page instead of within my site’s theme (go to the site and click on photo shoot, then one of the thumbs).
    Also, will this work with lightbox?

  5. I just checked and clicking on a thumbnail goes correctly to the full size image page. If you then click on that picture it shows it alone on a page–This is actually normal. If you want to have the image display differently you can select the option for “new layer” or “new Window” from the popup type setting. Both of those settings show the image differently (new layer” is a lightbox effect BTW). I don’t know if an external lightbox plugin (there are many) will work, you’ll have to try that out.

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