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AWSOM plugins compatible with WordPress 2.3

After testing it has been determined that all 3 AWSOM plugins are fully compatible with the new WordPress 2.3 version. Now you just have to check your theme and other plugins :)


  1. Awesome, I’m not have any problems. Actually, the move to 2.3 was quite comfortable. Only one plugin decided to die (none of yours) and it was fixed with an upgrade to a beta fix.

    Quick question:
    Do you plan on updating the AWSOM plugins to work better with the new built in tag system?

    I could imagine it being very useful for the pixgallery. Especially if each image had it’s own page, individual comments, and the tags worked well with a good tag cloud plugin.

  2. Actually, that’s what I plan on doing. I specifically waited until they came out with their integrated tagging system before I worked on mine. You can currently enter tags into the captions page for an image and when my tagging update comes out they will work with WordPress’s native system. That’s being investigated now to figure out exactly how I want it to work.

  3. Your plugin works on my old WP version, but I can’t get it to work on the version 2.2 (I’m not brave enough to upgrade to 2.3 yet.) I have this version of the plugin working somewhere else but it does not work at the moment. I get the subtitles but no thumbnails. Do you think it’s my theme?

  4. Typically the issue with thumbnails not appearing is either due to WordPress being installed in a subfolder with fancy permalinks, or as a result of the way certain servers are set up to handle relative links. The first thing to check is if changing the cache entry in the options page by removing or adding the forward / helps the situation. The write up for this is on the troubleshooting page in the tutorials area on awsom.org. If this doesn’t work you might want to try the current 4.4.4 beta version thats now available as a download from the Pixgallery product page–it has preliminary absolute linking support that can be enabled. If neither case works contact me directly and I can take a closer look at your site.

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