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Delays, Delays

Sometimes during a coding project you can discover that you are at a point where you may need to backtrack. I’m possibly at that point with the new release of AWSOM Pixgallery. I may have to redo a major part of the work I’ve been doing to go in a different direction with the new features I’m adding. The workflow for the user is not what I was hoping it would be, and as a result I think the process I was using is now incorrect. What I plan on doing though is to bundle up the features that are not a problem and release a new version soon, but scaled back from what I was hoping to have in the next release. Since I’m in the redevelopment phase of things I’m not sure when this will be, but it will certainly be sooner than what would have been the regular release.

Just wanted to keep you guys up on what’s going on.


  1. The major issue has to do with the workflow for defining subgalleries. I have it already so you define the main gallery, but it’s not easy to set up galleries within galleries–and some people have really gone wild with the number of galleries off of the main gallery, so I need to figure a way for these to be defined that allows them to work the same way as the main gallery, but easily be visible as to where they are in the chain, plus make sense when on the admin page.

  2. I could see how that would be a mess. Sounds complicated. Something like that would be almost a complete rewriting of the original code. Previous versions work nothing like that. They basically just see what folders/files you’ve got and create a little piece in the page accordingly… looking up captions if they exist.

    Sounds like you’re talking about changing quite a bit. If I knew enough php, I would be right there in the code with you. My gallery is such an integral part of my site. I definitely appreciate all your hard work.

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