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New AWSOM Pixgallery 4.4.4 Beta released

A new beta version of the upcoming AWSOM Pixgallery 4.4.4 release is now available for download. This version adds a fix for some Javascript issues that have been reported between Pixgallery and some other plugins ( most notably the Share This plugin). To download the new beta please go to the AWSOM Pixgallery product page or use this link to directly download it. Please let me know if you still encounter any Javascript related issues or have problems with the new Absolute Linking support.


  1. I did have some problems with earlier releases and permalinks. In fact, I still had those problems for a little bit with this version but it spontaneously started working correctly… still not sure why. Perhaps something was cached.

    In any case, this works like a dream. It’s now working with my permalinks and everything is cool.

    I did have another suggestion though. The google sitemaps plugin does not see the individual pages (pieces) of artwork, just the page the gallery is on. This may be a limitation of the sitemaps plugin or of the pixgallery. Either way, it would be awesome if the pixgallery did work with sitemaps.

    Now, this may not even need anything extra on your part… it might work as a consequence of the individual pages per piece required for individual comments.

    I just had this idea and figured I would share. Thanks again for this awesome plugin, my website couldn’t work without it.

  2. Hey Nathaniel, Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad it works now for you. Do you use Wp-cache? If so it may have been caching up the old pages.

    I suspect that the google sitemaps plugin only understands the default pages and posts of WordPress and probably only looks in the database for them–so the Pixgallery pages aren’t being seen. I don’t know how that plugin works so I don’t know if there’s a way to have it detect the Pixgallery pages. It’s probably a case where they would have to alter their code.

    If I have time I’ll look into it, maybe there’s a way for me to add something that will hook into their plugin.

  3. That’s what I figured. Essentially the pixgallery is dynamic page element, not several pages (if I understand it correctly). In which case, you feed it a query (the image name) and it produces the page and displays the caption (if provided).

    Now that I think about it, you’re right, their pluggin probably just looks in the database for pages and posts… of which the gallery pages are neither.

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