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Where Else to Get WordPress Answers

It’s easy to miss things with how big the internet is these days. For example, one of the quickest and easiest ways to get basic answers on WordPress questions is to go to their support forum area . In general unless your question is super specific to one plugin, or is so open ended as to be impossible to answer, you’ll usually get some feedback pretty quickly–at least enough to get an idea of where to keep looking for the answer. I have to admit their search function isn’t that great there though.

On the reverse side, It’s funny how I have to go looking sometimes for people looking to get answers to questions about my plugins hosted here. I usually look around every few days and answer things there If I find them, but it’s actually easiest to use my contact form on this site, or go to Harknell.com and post if you want answers about any of the AWSOM plugins. I’m pretty open to contact on things and try to answer as quickly as I can. Plus the feedback helps in future development.

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