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Yikes! AWSOM Pixgallery quickly updated to 4.4.1

Due to a bug discovered right after release The AWSOM Pixgallery Plugin has been updated to 4.4.1. The bug fix only affects people with custom permalinks, and only if they wanted to use the automatic cache folder. Otherwise there isn’t anything different for other users. If you want to upgrade to 4.4.1 simply overwrite your files with the newer versions in the new download, no need to deactivate and reactivate the plugin. If your cache still doesn’t appear add a / in front of the listed cache path in the cache field in the Pixgallery Options menu to make it look like: /wp-content/uploads/cache/

This will fix the issue.


  1. Ok, what version of WordPress are you using? Also, is the plugin folder called awsompixgallery? Some places have been renaming the folder wrongly, if the folder in wp-content/plugins is not called awsompixgallery, please rename it to this. Are you using the 4.4.1 version of the plugin?

  2. Year, sorry for not telling my details: I use wordpress 2.2, downloaded your newest version of the plugin and had the right folder-name!

  3. OK, now it works! Here’s for other users of the plugin what you have to do, if there’s a fatal error:
    1. Delete the Plugin
    2. Sleep
    2. Upload and activate it again and it will work! :)

  4. The 4.1 version plugin works great except that now, the “Share This” plugin takes you to a separate page rather than having a little popup like it’s supposed to. It works fine when awsompixgallery is turned off. The best I could get from the Share This site was it said maybe the javascript was erroring out. I’m using wordpress 2.2.

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