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Apologies for Slow PixGallery Update for WordPress 2.6

Hi everyone, I’m really sorry that the progress on updating AWSOM Pixgallery to be WordPress 2.6 compatible has been a bit slow. It turns out that the path changes that were instituted in the new version of WordPress have really required a lot of redoing of the core functions of Pixgallery to be compatible with both the new and old versions of WordPress. I’m pretty close (I think) to a beta version of the new Pixgallery release, so I hope it won’t be much longer before I can get this out to you guys.


  1. Hi, thanks. I’m also fixing a few bugs so that’s a bit of extra time also. I’m reasonably sure that it’s working right now, but I want to do a few more tests before I release it. I hope in the next 2 days to be able to put it up for official download.

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