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UPDATED: AWSOM News Visual Editor Test File Available

I have a test file now available for the AWSOM News Announcement plugin that I hope starts to fix the major issues present in the Visual Editor in WordPress 2.5.1. The files are available at http://www.awsom.org/filerepository/awsomnewstinymcefix.zip . Simply unzip the folder and replace the files on your server with the ones in the zip file. This file does not fix the weird name problem (where the image popup window has only variable names displayed), but I think it fixes the major issue of changing absolute links to relative ones, which was breaking adding images using the add image function. The editor now looks more like the Post/Page version.

Please email me or comment here or at Harknell.com and let me know if the new file helps the situation.

UPDATE:I’ve decided to skip the idea of integrating with the built in WordPress tinyMCE and now have packaged a version of the Visual Editor directly into the AWSOM News plugin. Right now this is a test so literally every possible function is enabled. I can’t guarantee everything works in this test version though, so it’s for people who really need to use the Visual Editor and want to try out something immediately to see if it will work for them now. I’ll package up a formal update soon.

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