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AWSOM Pixgallery version 4.5.5 released

AWSOM Pixgallery for WordPress version 4.5.5 has been released and is now available for download from the AWSOM.org website. This version of the Pixgallery image gallery plugin has an important fix for a small number of people who were having an issue with Fancy Permalinks adding “index.php” into their URL’s (causing 404 errors). It also clears up an issue with the Visual Editor function used by Pixgallery for caption entry by adding in a new dedicated Visual Editor with more advanced functions than the standard WordPress editor.


  1. This version does not work on my installation of 2.5.1. It gives a fatal error and then the plugin totally disappears. I mean it deletes itself!

  2. How did you do this installation? Did you use the WordPress auto-upgrade feature in the plugins interface? If so this is not a supported feature in Pixgallery (and I really don’t recommend using it for ANY plugin).

    You should download a fresh copy from the AWSOM.org site and ftp it to your server. It should work properly then.

    Basically there’s nothing within Pixgallery that would allow it to delete itself during a normal install, so I can only imagine this was due to the auto-upgrader failing.

  3. Hi Harknell

    Great great great again!!!

    I just upgraded pixgallery to 4.5.5 added my border colors again in the css and there it was – just great no problems at all. Thank you so so so much for a wonderful easy product.

    I love the addition of the new Gallery Caption text buttons that make it easy to format the text for the caption. Some of these buttons are used in the admin-write-post and page but not all of them. Is it possible to that I can have these buttons added. If so how? For example, when I write a post I am continuously having to use HTML coding for font-size and I also don’t have an emotions button or some of the others. Maybe there is a plugin with all the extra buttons?

    Also I found out that you cannot add an image/photo to a ‘Leave a reply/comment’. Do you know how or if this could be done. Your pixgallery works great for galleries and single photos on pages and posts that I add but I thought it would be great if readers could add a photo or image to there comment with there text. So that they do not have to email in photos as it is more work for me to do if they do email and cannot do it as a comment.

    Appreciate your thoughts. Cheers.

  4. I believe that there are quite a few “upgraded Visual Editor” plugins out there that add in some of the features of the editor I added to my plugins. Check the “Extend” area of the WordPress.org site.

    The Comment area is actually unaltered by PixGallery, so using any comment plugin would work. There may already be an “add image to comment” plugin available.

    I’ve tried to make it so other plugins will work with Pixgallery, so you might be able to really trick out your blog by combining up some plugins to really make things awesome.

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