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Don’t Update Too Fast

This is becoming a standard cautionary statement I post now with every WordPress release: Don’t rush to upgrade to 2.7. They have made some major changes to the Plugin architecture which will cause many Plugins to break. As far as I can see, 2.7 is not a critical security update so you can afford to wait a bit and do some testing first. As has been more and more typical I hear that many people now always wait until the .1 release of WordPress (so in this case 2.7.1) before they upgrade because they expect many issues and bugs to be present. Personally I’m not a big fan of the “we need to release software by X date” method of development since it typically causes these types of problems. Things should be released when they reliably work.

Oh Well.

Anyway, If you are using AWSOM News or AWSOM Pixgallery you will have issues editing or deleting entries through the admin interface in 2.7. Once the official release is available I’ll update the Plugins to correct the issues. So if either one of these Plugins are critical to your site I again suggest you wait awhile before upgrading. You might avoid a huge hassle.

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  1. It would be much more efficient if the bugs were worked out before software releases. I for one will be waiting on the latest WordPress release. Thanks for the tip!

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