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Upcoming Dev items, plus Uninstaller

I just wanted to let everyone know that AWSOM Pixgallery will soon be getting a few new features to help both the admin and debugging side of things. I’m adding a “debug” mode which will display information to the admin that will help in determining why certain issues are occurring, plus it will also help with certain things like numerical sorting by displaying the current position number next to images in the thumbnail view. A fix is also in place for the individual comment system so that pre-existing comments now will properly appear on the main gallery level. Lastly, a new “plugin” is being developed that will allow a full uninstall of all AWSOM plugins . This AWSOM uninstaller plugin will be able to remove all database elements of any of the AWSOM plugins to help fix cases where there is a install or upgrade problem.

I hope to have the newest Pixgallery update (4.5.2) as well as the uninstaller plugin finished soon. (as in the next week). Please note that the uninstaller will NOT be a part of Pixgallery or the other plugins but will be it’s own separate plugin–this is to cut down on the possibility of malicious manipulation or mistaken uninstalls–the workflow will be to upload it, activate it, use it, then remove it.

If anyone has any feedback on this or any other feature of any of the plugins please contact me or post comments here or at Harknell.com

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