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Wanted: AWSOM Columnists

Are you interested in contributing to spreading sane web design and polite internet marketing? Well, AWSOM.org needs a few good columnists.

AWSOM.org covers the business side of being internet famous. Webcomics, bloggers, bands, and artists of all types are our target audience because they use the internet to spread the word about their work.

Web design, internet promotion, guerilla marketing, brand building, and making money are examples of what we like to talk about.

You must be able to:

– Write well while keeping people interested in what you have to say. (We like people with a sense of humor.)

– Commit to writing at least one short blog post per week. (Pictures or illustrations accompanying the post are optional but encouraged.)

– Believe that the act of helping people should be taken seriously and professionally.

This is a partnership in which we band together to help spread the word about each other’s work while helping others. People who are involved with AWSOM have the option to become a valued expert on our panel discussions that are held at cons.

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