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Webcomics Using AWSOM Plugins: Onezumi.com (finally)

I’m very happy to announce that there is now another webcomic out there using some of the AWSOM plugins: Onezumi.com (finally!). For those of you unaware, Onezumi.com (also known as Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos) is a webcomic that I work on that has finally moved over to using WordPress as it’s backend system. As part of this conversion it uses all three of the AWSOM plugins (and honestly, in many ways the development of the plugins here were always earmarked as part of the future components of the new site).

The launch of the new site has been taking up a ton of my time. I expect that after this week (and this weekend’s con appearance) I will finally be back in the programming loop of things, so expect the long awaited releases of all of the plugins soon.

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