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AWSOM Pixgallery 4.6.0 beta 1 now available

March 4th, 2010 by harknell

Hey everyone,
I have a beta version of AWSOM Pixgallery version 4.6.0 ready for download for those who like to look at things early. This version only has 2 new things in it: a fix setting that allows you to turn off post scanning of images (this will help with people who report slowdown of their index page when pixgallery is active), and also the redesigned settings page which groups things more logically.

I’m still working on the theme elements, but for those of you having the major slowdown issue this version will fix that while you wait for the next full release.

The files can be downloaded here: Just replace the files on your server with these and you should be good. Load the settings page and save the options to enable the new setting.

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