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Small Updates to AWSOM Archive and AWSOM News Announcement Plugins

I’ve recently made some small updates to both the AWSOM Archive plugin and the AWSOM News Announcement plugins.

The change for Archive is to remove the notice to check the Harknell.com forums for support (they no longer exist and are now hosted here at AWSOM.org). The change for News Announcement is the same as Archive, but with the addition of the proper handling for SSL Administration enabled websites. So now the front end editing links will now stay within the realm of SSL.

Minor updates for now, but once I start making these types of changes you can tell I’m back in the mood for adding new features :)


  1. Hi, Nice plugin! However, in Twenty Eleven 1.3, it works but is you select a post the pull-down moves to a position above the top image. Maybe add an option for absolute postion? That should work with all themes and settings.


    • Hi Marc,
      Sorry for the delayed reply. Hmmm, I’m not seeing that behavior on my test site. Maybe a weird interaction with another plugin on your site? Anyway, you can add CSS to the plugin by adding it into the admin area for the plugin in the CSS box there–so you could add the absolute position statement there if you needed.

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