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AWSOM News Announcement 1.5.2 Setup Instructions

The AWSOM News Announcement plugin was designed to be as easy as possible to set up and use. The following instructions will walk you through the steps you need to do to get the News Announcement set up and running on your site.

1) Move the folder with the AWSOM News Announcement Plugin files to your wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress install. If this is an upgrade first deactivate the current version of AWSOM News Announcement, delete the old files, and move the new files to your server.

2) Activate the Plugin by going to the Admin area “Plugins” section and clicking the activate button for the AWSOM News Announcement plugin.

3) If this was a new Install and you want to have the News Announcement appear in the default area above your Posts on the main page, you are done. You can change your News Announcement by going to the Admin “Posts” AWSOM News area.

4) If this was an upgrade or you would like to place the News Announcement in a custom area, go to the Admin “Posts” AWSOM News area and copy the code there to display the News Announcement. Make sure the option for the default location is set to “No”.

5) Paste the Custom code to your theme file where you want the News Announcement to appear. You’re done.

Have fun with your new News area. If you have any problems or think you’ve found a bug in the program please use the AWSOM forum area at Harknell.com to report your issue or bug, Thanks!


  1. Good day,
    Nice nifty plugin. :)

    Is there a way to remove the “My First News Announcement. Your News Announcement plugin is now working.” line?

    Its sorta unnecessary to announce to EVERYONE that the plugin is working and that its your “first news announcement”.

    Thanks :)

  2. Hi Israel,
    Sorry for the confusion. In some cases people’s themes aren’t set to have the plugin display in a good place so I thought it best to have it show up immediately for them to see how it would look. As you’ve discovered it can be deleted or edited immediately once you go to the AWSOM News write/management page.

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