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WordPress 2.6 issues with AWSOM Pixgallery

I wanted to let everyone know that older versions of AWSOM Pixgallery will not work entirely correctly in WordPress 2.6 based on the changes that have happened in the way certain paths are determined in WordPress. The basic features of Pixgallery should work fine, but certain other features, most notably the automatic default gallery creation during plugin install, the automatic cache folder creation during plugin install, and the “clear the cache folder” function in the Pixgallery Captions admin menu may not work correctly.

The current projected date for release of WordPress 2.6 is July 14 2008, and i expect to have a new version of the Plugin available by that date that fixes these issues, but I just wanted to caution any early adopters to make sure that you know that there could be some issues.

Test File for AWSOM Pixgallery “index.php” permalinks issue now available

Hi everyone, if you haven’t been visiting Harknell.com recently you might not be aware that I’ve been working on a fix for a weird Fancy Permalink issue that causes “index.php” to be added to some people’s AWSOM Pixgallery galleries. This then totally screws up the links to the actual single image page causing 404 errors. I believe I have a fix for this issue, as well as a fix for the Visual Editor problem (where it doesn’t correctly populate the variable names for the tools). So far it has corrected the issue for one person, but I’d appreciate if anyone else is seeing this issue if they could go here: http://www.awsom.org/filerepository/awsompixgalleryabsolutefix2.zip and grab the test file and try this out. You may need to also set the option for “absolute linking” to yes in the Pixgallery options/settings page for the fix to work, but try it without that first. I’d really appreciate it if after trying this out please email me and let me know if it worked (or even more importantly) didn’t work to solve the problem.

Be Careful of the Autoupgrade Feature in WordPress

As many of you who’ve upgraded to the new WordPress 2.5 version have maybe noticed there is an option on the Plugins page which basically suggests that you can auto-upgrade a plugin. I would strongly suggest you do NOT use this function right now. First off, this is not a feature that is directly supported by plugin authors, it is a function that works outside of the plugin. So if something goes wrong there may be no way for any plugin author to help you fix the situation since the plugin itself did not do the action. Secondly it’s been acknowledged that this feature is really not very robust yet and may very well fail and hose your entire WordPress insall.

I would strongly suggest that you continue to download all plugins yourself and upload them to the server. In the case of AWSOM.org plugins they all upgrade themselves properly when you reactivate them, so it’s actually not really more difficult anyway.

UPDATED: AWSOM News Visual Editor Test File Available

I have a test file now available for the AWSOM News Announcement plugin that I hope starts to fix the major issues present in the Visual Editor in WordPress 2.5.1. The files are available at http://www.awsom.org/filerepository/awsomnewstinymcefix.zip . Simply unzip the folder and replace the files on your server with the ones in the zip file. This file does not fix the weird name problem (where the image popup window has only variable names displayed), but I think it fixes the major issue of changing absolute links to relative ones, which was breaking adding images using the add image function. The editor now looks more like the Post/Page version.

Please email me or comment here or at Harknell.com and let me know if the new file helps the situation.

UPDATE:I’ve decided to skip the idea of integrating with the built in WordPress tinyMCE and now have packaged a version of the Visual Editor directly into the AWSOM News plugin. Right now this is a test so literally every possible function is enabled. I can’t guarantee everything works in this test version though, so it’s for people who really need to use the Visual Editor and want to try out something immediately to see if it will work for them now. I’ll package up a formal update soon.

Visual Editor Issues in AWSOM News and Pixgallery

The Visual Editor function in the current versions of AWSOM News Announcement and AWSOM Pixgallery do not function entirely properly with WordPress 2.5.1. The new version of WordPress added in a new version of tinyMCE (updated from 2.x to 3.x) and as a result broke the code that I use to add the editor to my plugins. The Visual Editor still works fine for versions of WordPress previous to 2.5.1, but I’m working to get it to work properly in the current version. The most obvious issues are with missing language text for some of the functions, and improper relative URL paths being created when attempting to add images using the editor. Keep checking back and I hope to get this fixed soon.

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