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Fundamental Website Setup Links

Another Comic moves to WordPress, yada, yada, yada….

Ok, Yeah, it’s really getting old for me to say this, but yet again another webcomic is moving over to WordPress: Starslip Crisis. The same stuff I’ve been saying for awhile…., now I can’t wait for another site to start up the “Yet again, another webcomic is adopting AWSOM.org plugins….”

I’m Teaching a WordPress Class at Katsucon

Hi everyone, I wanted to mention that I will be “teaching” a WordPress setup and install class at this year’s Katsucon convention. My panel is on Saturday February the 16th at 10pm. So this is the opportunity for anyone who has questions on WordPress, AWSOM plugins, or any other web development related stuff to come and get answers from me in person. I’d also like to point out that I’m helping sponsor a huge contest at Katsucon involving over 10 webcomics giving away one giant bundle of stuff to one lucky Katsucon attendee. The “Epic Webcomic Win” Contest page is over at my webcomic site Onezumi.com.

So now you have 2 huge reasons to go to Katsucon this year :)

The PC Weenies joins the WordPress avalanche

In what is becoming a common occurrence with webcomics, yet another major webcomic has converted over to WordPress to host their comic: The PC Weenies. In this particular case mr. Sadasivam has decided to move forward with WordPress and Comicpress and leave his old site in place, as opposed to attempting to convert his 9 year long archive of previous work into WordPress (I would make the claim that using AWSOM Pixgallery with a few small adaptions might ease that :) ), but nevertheless it is yet another example that validates what I’ve been saying for awhile, and working toward with this site.

Of course not everyone has the range of support that the big guys have to get help to set their sites up, that’s why you can count on me to be here to help out everyone from the highest trafficked to the just starting out.

The Gigcast: Webcomic news and running WordPress double whammy

Hey everyone, in another one of my posts outlining information on the webcomics scene, as well as sites using WordPress, I wanted to point you all to The Gigcast. They do a webcomic news podcast and also provide brief news snippets on their main page. The double whammy here is they are using WordPress also, and the podpress plugin, which makes it easy to do everything quickly. Yet another example of how WordPress is one of the best and easiest systems out there and allows a site admin to extend functionality in ways that would otherwise be difficult or coding intensive.

Webcomics Using WordPress: PvPonline

In yet another example of high profile webcomics switching to WordPress, Scott Kurtz of PvPonline.com has just recently converted his site to use the Comicpress theme and WordPress. This is exactly the type of trend I’ve been hoping for since I started developing this site and the AWSOM series of plugins. The simplicity and speed that you can update and maintain your site while having the power to extend it in almost infinite ways is unparalleled. Now I have to see if I can get him to use some of my plugins :)

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