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Fundamental Website Setup Links

Webcomics plugin StripShow 1.5 Final released

The “final” version of the StripShow WordPress plugin has been released. This plugin has a boatload of features that would help out any new webcomic site being developed in WordPress (comic nav arrows, RSS feed integration, file uploading, etc.). In many ways it looks like it’s compiling up many other previous plugins into one uberplugin. The developers are talking about strongly supporting this plugin so go check it out and add to the feature wishlist.

Webcomics becoming more established: Comicsby.us

As time passes there are examples of how something becomes more established in a certain genre or area. In this case, webcomics already have quite a few large hosting services (like webcomicsnation, keenspot, etc.), some news sites (comixnews, fleen, etc.), and now they have a new social bookmarking site dedicated to passing around comic links: http://www.comicsby.us/. As time passes we will certainly see more of these markers toward full acceptance and general usage.

Stripshow Webcomic plugin for WordPress

Stripshow is a new WordPress plugin designed to help Webcomic creators embed their comics directly into WordPress. It looks like it basically adds in an automated navigation arrows system to a particular category of posts, which will automatically add in the image and arrows when that category is displayed. It’s still relatively new, and as of now does NOT support WordPress 2.3, but for you guys on older versions of WordPress EDIT: Just updated to support WordPress 2.3, but you might want to take a look. I haven’t tested it yet myself but maybe it can be combined with AWSOM Pixgallery to have a webcomic up and running pretty quickly.

Webcomic Sites Using WordPress: DeadofSummer.org

As part of my series of mentioning sites that use WordPress to host their comics I would like to present DeadofSummer.org. These guys are using WordPress with the ComicPress (classic 1.6 version, I think update: Marty chimed in to let me know they are using 2.0) theme. As such they are a perfect candidate for using AWSOM Pixgallery as their image archive of their comics (hint, hint) since it has automatic support for linking back to the news post for the image being viewed in the archive.

I think it’s always important to see what others are doing with their sites as you develop your own, so go check them out.

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