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Flock: A New Blog Friendly Web Browser (UPDATED)

I’ve been looking at the Flock web browser (For Windows, Linux, and Mac) for some time now, but it finally seems like it might be getting developed enough to be useful. Flock is based on the Gecko engine that is used in Firefox, so it’s works basically as well as that browser. The major difference with Flock is that it’s designed to integrate directly into many popular blogging and social networking sites (like Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube, MySpace, etc.) to make it easier to access your accounts and update your pages. Of course WordPress.com and a standalone WordPress install are both supported.

If you are tired of Internet Explorer and want to try out something different, give Flock a look. Even if you already use Firefox, you might find Flock to be an interesting alternative.

UPDATED: Apparently there is a Mac OS X version. It is strange though that they aren’t very obvious that that version exists if you go to their website–their “Versions” page is down also.


  1. Strange. Their site really hides the Mac version. I’ve updated the article to reflect that there is a Mac version.

  2. I think maybe they have it set up so that if you’re on a Mac, all you see is the Mac download.

    The new site is pretty, but the old one was a bit easier to find things on I think. I’m also finding the new version of the browser a bit complicated, but maybe I just need to spend a bit of time becoming used to it. There’s a LOT of features in there to explore.

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