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Webcomic Sites Using WordPress: DeadofSummer.org

As part of my series of mentioning sites that use WordPress to host their comics I would like to present DeadofSummer.org. These guys are using WordPress with the ComicPress (classic 1.6 version, I think update: Marty chimed in to let me know they are using 2.0) theme. As such they are a perfect candidate for using AWSOM Pixgallery as their image archive of their comics (hint, hint) since it has automatic support for linking back to the news post for the image being viewed in the archive.

I think it’s always important to see what others are doing with their sites as you develop your own, so go check them out.


  1. Hi there folks!

    Just wanted to clarify that DoS is running version 2.0, and we’ll be using Pixgallery very soon to feature photos from different events that we do.

    As you may’ve seen on some of the different sites using AWSOM installs, they’re great programs, and I can’t say enough. Props to Harknell for giving such great resources to webcomickers and artists alike.

  2. Hey Marty, Thanks for the update and clarification. I’m honored you guys will be using Pixgallery and thank you for the kind comments.

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