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Happily out of a Mod Job

While most of this site is devoted to my WordPress plugin files, I do actually have a mod out for phpbb2. My Expire Unactivated Users mod is an anti-spam mod that allows the admin to delete all unactivated accounts based on different time frames. Well, recently phpbb3 was released and I’m happy to announce that I’m out of a job. It looks like they must have paid attention to my mod (and the strong need for it) and decided to integrate the functionality directly into the core of phpbb3.

Well, don’t worry, I’m not ditching the mod here since there are still tons of phpbb2 installs out there, but except for maybe a small update it’s mostly done and over. Maybe I’ll go take a vacation…..nah, I’ve got too many things to program for WordPress :)

PhpBB: Expire Unactivated Users mod updated to 2.0.1

Staying on the trend toward XHTML compliance, a new version of the AWSOM phpBB mod Expire Unactivated Users by Timeframe is now available. Version 2.0.1 is not a functional change but simply adds in XHTML compliant code to replace non-compliant HTML tags–If you already have 2.0.0 installed and don’t care about XHTML compliance then you don’t need to bother updating.

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