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Video: Create Your First AWSOM Pixgallery Image Gallery Page

This Video Tutorial is designed to show you how to set up your first Gallery page using AWSOM Pixgallery. It details how to use the default Gallery folder created by Pixgallery as well as how to find and add the correct Gallery code to your WordPress post/page.

The Following Video is in Quicktime format, press the play button on the viewer to watch the tutorial (The video is not set to autorun).



    • Hi, the video is quicktime so it takes a few moments to download before it will appear. If you have a very slow connection this can take longer unfortunately. It’s there though.

  1. Hi,

    Great plugin. However, having a few problems loading it for the first time on this practise site below – followed your video above and have this error coming back on wordpress when I publish the gallery..

    Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8544 bytes) in /home1/neiljash/public_html/fineartforsale/wp-content/plugins/awsom-pixgallery/pixgallery.php on line 995

    Can you advise?

    Files are all in place on the server and i have reduced the size of the image photos to improve upload. I have 20 photos in the gallery.


    • Hi Neil,
      This error is due to a setting on your server. PHP has a specific setting that tells it how much memory it’s allowed to use for any one process. Image manipulation takes a lot of memory and it looks like your server’s PHP memory setting is set too low to allow this to occur. You have 2 ways to fix this:

      1) Change the PHP memory usage setting to a higher amount. I’d say 16M at least, and 32M is better. Ask your server admin to do this for you if you don’t handle this yourself.

      2) If changing the setting isn’t possible you can change the number of images displayed per page to a lower amount initially. Basically the image processing only happens once when you add images, but having 20 display on a page is overwhelming the memory limit. So what you do is set your columns/rows in the pixgallery settings page to be a smaller amount (maybe 2 rows, 2 columns), then page through the entire gallery to get all images processed. After you’ve done this you can set the rows/columns back to their original setting. You’ll need to do this every time you add a significant amount of images at one time to the folder–one or 2 added shouldn’t cause the memory issue.

  2. I like the look of what the gallery “should” look like, however your video tutorial doesn’t match what my WP 2.9 admin cp looks like. Where you say to add a page, or where to go manage the awsom gallery… its not there.

    I do have places to make changes in admin under Settings and under Post… but there is nowhere to select the images, add the images (not physically adding them to the server, just selecting and adding them to the gallery itself) at all. Your tutorial seems to be on an earlier version of WP that doesn’t match the newer versions.

    Would love to make this work. Please advise.

  3. Hi David,
    The video is a bit dated at this point and was done for a much earlier version of WordPress and Pixgallery. The locations have moved due to changes in WordPress. Image captions are now under the posts section, and Galleries are under Appearance. The easiest way to add image captions is to use the “add caption” links that appear under images in the front end when you are logged in as a admin.

    The code for adding a gallery to a page has been updated as well (it’s shown in the settings page) but the older one will still work as well.

    • Hi Thor,
      Sorry to hear you are having issues. The video does play, it’s a quicktime video so unfortunately it takes awhile to download to your browser before it will play.

      If you let me know why the archive didn’t work I might give you ideas on how to fix the situation.

  4. Hello … I have been trying to install my Gallery for a few hours now. Double checked the video and documentation but still getting this error message: Error: Path does not exist [/misc/37/000/178/621/3/user/web/weary.quietlion.com.au/www.weary.quietlion.com.au/wp-contents/PhotoAlbum/]/]!
    I know it is probably something really simple but I would very much appreciate any help as I am tearing my hair out at this stage lol.

  5. I’m new to wordpress with the arras theme and I have downloaded and activated your plug in however, as I followed the tutorial I found that there are 3 folders in my “uploads” folder: 20

  6. I just created my first gallery. In the post, In the cells where the thumbnails ought to be, it’s displaying a bunch of broken-image-link icons with the filenames underneath.

    Clicking on any of the broken-link icons takes me to a page for that image, and the image displays normally on that page. Why are the thumbnails not linking correctly?

  7. I followed the tutorial but all the image links come up as broken. They show up when the page is in draft but when I publish they do not when I click on one it is giving me an error that says

    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

    With a page reading /wp-content/uploads/cache/ then long stream of numbers.png

    • Hi, broken image links usually means the path is incorrect in either your pixgallery code or in your cache setting. It’s tricky–usually adding or removing the initial / in the cache code will fix things. If this doesn’t work try it for the pixgallery code.

      The real issue usually stems from a different setting: Your setting for the url for your blog in the general settings sections. In some situations this setting has a trailing / added to it. In others it does not. This can also affect things and throw stuff off.

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