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Why Advertise at AWSOM.org?

Some of the Benefits of advertising at AWSOM.org are:
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  • Have your ad viewed by thousands of visitors a week.
  • All visitors will see your ad, we host your ads on our server so ad blocking software does not hide our ads like those of third party companies.
  • High Alexa ranking.
  • All advertisers at AWSOM.org get personally thanked in a front page News Post, which raises the click rate considerably.
  • All AWSOM.org ads are time based. No more Click Fraud!
  • Visitors to AWSOM.org are Internet, Technology, Art, and Computer oriented–very lucrative market segments to advertise your products and services to!
  • AWSOM.org offers a 7 day money back guarantee.
  • AWSOM.org ads are affordable and can match any advertising budget.

What Does it Cost to Advertise on AWSOM.org?

AWSOM.org is currently offering Button Image ads as it’s means of advertising on the site. Image ads are and image with regular HTML links which may have a description of up to 40 characters in length. Image ads appear on every page of AWSOM.org, especially the highly viewed product download pages. The image must be able to fit within a 160 x 160 pixel size.

The base time unit for ads is one month, which for these ad placements is defined as thirty (30) days. Discounts are available for multi-month purchases (which is included in the costs displayed below) . The costs for each type of ad are:

Image ad:

  • 1 month: fifty-five dollars ($55)
  • 3 months: one hundred dollars ($100)
  • 6 months: one hundred eighty dollars ($180)
  • 1 year: Two Hundred Fifty dollars ($250)

How Do I order an Ad on AWSOM.org?
It’s easy to order an ad on AWSOM.org. All you need to do is Go To Our Store Site and fill out the appropriate order form with the information on how long a timeframe, and include your URL with 40 character maximum description text (this is text that appears when your image is moused over). Once your payment is received we’ll confirm your order and review your information and as long as everything checks out your ad will then appear immediately on AWSOM.org!

Please be aware that any request to place advertising on AWSOM.org is considered an acknowledgment and agreement to abide by the Onezumi Studios LLC Terms and Conditions for Advertising. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions please do not submit your request for advertising on AWSOM.org.

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