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AWSOM Pixgallery plugin updated to version 4.4.2 SE

It’s been one heck of an update schedule the last few days here, but I have one more update to announce. AWSOM Pixgallery for WordPress has been updated to version 4.4.2 SE (Second Edition). The major addition to this version is Visual Editor support for image and gallery caption entry. You can turn the Visual Editor on or off through the Admin Options Pixgallery menu. You can download the new version from the AWSOM Pixgallery product page at awsom.org.

I’m calling this version 4.4.2 SE because my normal naming convention would be to call it 4.5.0, but that version is already in development and will be out in a few weeks–and I wanted to get this release out immediately. (technically I’d like to call this new version 4.4.1 SE, but most of the tracking sites require an actual update to the number for them to register the release as a new edition, so it’s 4.4.2 for that reason).

As you can see, I try to squeeze into my plugins as many requested features as I can, so keep hitting me with the feedback and feature requests.

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