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Comic Navigation Arrows Plugin

It’s pretty traditional on a webcomic site to have some sort of navigation system for the comic archive. In most cases it’s as simple as a next/previous set of arrows, and a first/last link setup to go to the beginning and end of the comic run. WordPress doesn’t really have the second set of links standard, and the regular next/previous links will go through all of your posts regardless of whether you posted a comic that day or not. The MyComic plugin adds the ability to tag each of your news posts as to whether it was associated with a comic and then creates it’s own navigation arrows to move through them and a first/last link. It’s not too hard to use, but does require you to remember to use a part of WordPress that isn’t normally used by most people (the custom key/value area). Great idea for ComicPress users.

link: http://borkweb.com/story/wordpress-plugin-mycomic-browser

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