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Upcoming Development

I’m currently knee deep in work on my plugins. The AWSOM Drop Down Archive will be getting new options for archive types, as well as CSS theme options. AWSOM Pixgallery will be getting a new absolute linking system option (to allow easier access to your images through RSS feeds and to help with complicated WordPress installs), a new custom image system for folders, an automatic gallery/image caption cataloging system, and other interface upgrades.

Most of the new features are from feedback from users of the plugins, so if you are using one of the plugins and want to see something new added please contact me. You can also get added to the “People Using AWSOM ideas” box too!

I’m also investigating some new ideas for plugins, but it’s too early to talk about them. But, I’ve found that the best plugins are for things that people routinely need to do or want to see in their site, but just doesn’t exist currently, or is clunky to get done. If you have anything like that that you feel might be a good idea for a plugin, especially if it is art or webcomic related, please contact me and it might just turn into the next AWSOM plugin (and you will get credited in my plugin notes).

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