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WordPress 2.8 compatibility achieved

All of the AWSOM plugins have been updated to be compatible with WordPress 2.8.2. In the cases of Pixgallery and Archive plugins this required the change of their plugin folder names to be compatible with their WordPress repository names. It is suggested that upgraders should use FTP to delete the old folders for these plugins from their servers and move over the new plugin folders from the downloads off AWSOM.org. After this though all future updates should be easily done through the WordPress built in upgrade function.


  1. Will I have to rebuild the gallery after this update? And what do I do with the AWSOM uninstaller plugin?

    • Hi Adam,
      You won’t have to do anything to your galleries. This only affects the plugin architecture itself, not your installed galleries or any other settings. The uninstaller is only needed if you literally want to remove your entire setup–so don’t use it if you are just upgrading otherwise all of your image captions and other metadata will be erased.

      The only issue you could run into is if you saved extra things directly into the original plugin folder, but nothing in the plugin does that so unless you did that yourself you can safely delete the original plugin folder and just upload the new version.

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