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AWSOM PixGallery 4.7.0 Beta 2 now available

I’ve posted a 2nd Beta version of AWSOM Pixgallery 4.7.0 up on the site for download, get it here.

This version has the new “Share This” integration and “Universal Image Text” option, with some other small changes.

I’m not going to be able to do a “real” release of 4.7.0 for about 2 weeks, so I wanted to get a version out there for you guys to test in the meantime. For the most part I think this will be it for new features in this version. I have some point release plans for 4.7, which will follow over the next few weeks to add some small stuff and any necessary bug fixes.

A Few New AWSOM PixGallery Features for 4.7.0

I’ve added a few new features to the upcoming AWSOM PixGallery 4.7.0 release:

1) Share This integration. If you are using the “Share This” plugin for WordPress you can now switch on this option to have your images and galleries have their own unique Share This Link generated. If you aren’t using that plugin, this option simply presents a “permalink” link which the user can easily cut and paste themselves (yes, this basically is the same as the URL bar, but for people who use Chrome or otherwise don’t like to operate using that area it makes it easier for them to understand what to link to….)

2) “Universal Image Text”. This option, editable from the “PixGallery Image Captions” admin page, allow you to set text that will automatically be displayed for all of your images when they are viewed individually. So copyright statements or other text can be set here and you don’t need to bother adding a specific caption to each image to add this text.

These features are now running on, so check out the PixGallery page to look at the example galleries to see these and the other new features in action.

I’m pretty near to saying “code freeze” on this version of PixGallery, but I might slip one or two small things in at the last minute. Even so, I’m hoping to get this version out the door by the end of next week.

AWSOM Pixgallery 4.7.0 Beta now available for download

I’ve posted a Beta version of AWSOM Pixgallery 4.7.0 up on the site for download, get it here.

While I hope to add a few new things, and tweak some other stuff, I wanted to have a version out there for people to test. Note that this version is marked as 4.6.10 in the plugin area so that the real update will flag as available.

One side note: the new “Advanced” debug mode is now in the plugin–this mode allows the admin to see debug info about their images and galleries, but also allows them to edit many elements of galleries and images directly from the thumbnail view, and submit one large mass edit. By default it’s set to Simple mode, so turn it on in the Pixgallery settings page to get the new functionality.

I’m very interested in feedback on things, so either comment here or hit me up on the contact form.

Pixgallery Folder icons and Click To Advance features now in demo mode at

A small update to the demo of AWSOM Pixgallery 4.7.0 now running at I’ve added in the Gallery folder icon (an optional icon to be displayed next to sub galleries in the thumbnail view–with the ability to designate your own image to be used) and the “Click the Image to Advance to the Next Image” feature (so clicking a non-thumbnail version of an image advances to the next image in that gallery, and the last image in the gallery clicked then goes to the thumbnail view of that gallery) and they are now running live on the AWSOM Pixgallery product page.

So the 4.7.0 version is coming along nicely. I don’t have a release date set yet though, I need to determine if I can do a few other features in a reasonable time frame. I’ll post an update later this week as to when I expect a real release date.

AWSOM Pixgallery SEO features now in demo mode at

The Newest features for AWOM Pixgallery are now viewable at (look in the example galleries on the Pixgallery page). The SEO title and Keyword options are now up and running (look at the title area of your browser to see a “Viewing Image:” or “Viewing Gallery:”) A few of the images/galleries have keywords added, so they will populate for those when viewing their page.

The options for the title allow you to put the image/gallery title in front of or behind the WordPress page title, or entirely replace the page title. The pixgallery_lang.php file has entries to allow you to change the text that comes before and after images/gallery names. You can also select to either display only the name of what you are viewing, or have the entire breadcrumb path displayed.

I’m going to be adding a few other features for this release, so I’m not sure when it will be available for download–but I hope to get it out sooner than later.

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