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How To: Add an Audio Player To Your WordPress Site

August 21st, 2007 by harknell

I recently received a request from a user of my AWSOM News Announcement plugin for WordPress to add the ability to have an audio player be a part of the News Announcement area. This turned out to be the spark of designing a new version of my plugin that supported using php code in the news box. Of course I needed to do some research on how to get an audio player to run, so I went looking for one to use. I found the XSPF Player for WordPress, and it is absolutely excellent. It is easy to use and allows you to play one or many different mp3 files from your site, all defined in your admin interface. It has a few different player types that you can use, and has some basic CSS formatting you can set. XSPF + AWSOM News means you can always have your most recent podcast waiting for your visitors at the top of your site.

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