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The long road ahead

Welcome to the AWSOM project. This website is the product of many conversations I’ve had with Artists, Webcomic creators, and others who continually asked me how they could go about setting up their own websites. For most people web coding is a difficult and unrewarding hassle which requires extensive research and often leads to confusion and loss of productive time. Even the easiest website development systems are often too complex for most people to utilize without extra help.

After looking around I came to the decision that WordPress was the easiest and most flexible system available currently for non-technical people to create a website. It’s not perfect, and still requires the creator to understand at least a small amount of HTML and CSS, but with some help most people can get something set up that will satisfy their needs.

AWSOM.org will help this effort by being a one stop place for people to go to get information about how to set up their site, what plugins might be useful, discover when security updates or new versions of WordPress or plugins come out, and get general advice about settings, options and template markup. We also host our own custom plugins that are designed specifically for Art and Webcomic sites.

So please check out the site, and feel free to go to our forum area at Harknell.com and post your questions or comments. (BTW, you can always use our RSS feed and be automatically informed when a new update happens here.)

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