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As Expected, Con Derailment

Hi Everyone, Due to our con appearance schedule (I’ll be at Otakon this weekend) as well as other site development (the new Onezumi.com redesign) it’s been a problem getting the time together to get the latest releases of the AWSOM series of plugins out the door. I have not officially released the Pixgallery 4.5.7 version yet (which has WordPress 2.6 compatibility built in) because I want to test it with a few more set ups first, but it’s generally ready to go and you can download the RC2 version if you need to upgrade. There are some exciting features coming for all of the plugins, so please be patient just a tiny bit more, thanks.

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  1. Thank you for constantly sharing your wonderful creations with the community. Also, thank you for not releasing a buggy product not yet ready to be released. Your attention to detail and quality is to be commended!

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