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AWSOM Uninstaller 1.0.0 released

The new AWSOM Uninstaller 1.0.0 plugin for WordPress has been released and is available for download at the AWSOM.org website. This plugin was designed to help in uninstalling any AWSOM plugin from your WordPress database and is released as part of the AWSOM.org commitment to responsible plugin development.

There is a growing concern in the WordPress community over the amount of database elements that can be left behind by plugins after they are deactivated. There is no current standard in WordPress in regard to removal of plugin database elements, so I’ve gone ahead and created a method for my own plugins to help out.

Please note that you should not leave this uninstaller plugin active or uploaded to your WordPress site unless you plan on immediately using it–then try to remove it as soon as possible. While I have attempted to secure it to the highest standards possible, mistakes can occur and once you select a plugin to uninstall, those database elements will be deleted without a way to recover them except through a previous back up of your database file.

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