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I’m Teaching a WordPress Class at Katsucon

January 19th, 2008 by harknell

Hi everyone, I wanted to mention that I will be “teaching” a WordPress setup and install class at this year’s Katsucon convention. My panel is on Saturday February the 16th at 10pm. So this is the opportunity for anyone who has questions on WordPress, AWSOM plugins, or any other web development related stuff to come and get answers from me in person. I’d also like to point out that I’m helping sponsor a huge contest at Katsucon involving over 10 webcomics giving away one giant bundle of stuff to one lucky Katsucon attendee. The “Epic Webcomic Win” Contest page is over at my webcomic site

So now you have 2 huge reasons to go to Katsucon this year :)

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4 Responses to “I’m Teaching a WordPress Class at Katsucon”

  1. […] of Onezumi and AWSOM fame is teaching WordPress setup and install class at this year’s Katsucon. The panel will be on Saturday, […]

  2. deny says:

    i’he download and activate this plugin, awsom pixgallery new stable version, i’m succes in installation n’s normal in my localhost computer, but, if i connect with internet, the effect lightbox (built in) not appear..image showing in browser usually, without efect, please help me. thank’s

    • harknell says:

      Hi, this is probably due to a conflict with your theme or another plugin. Try turning off all other plugins and switch to the default wordpress theme then try it. If it works then turn on the plugins until it stops working. The same is true for your theme. If it works in the default and doesn’t in your regular theme then it’s a conflict.

  3. supriyadi says:

    is it true work perfecly at wordpress??

    i want to use it but i dont know the way to put it???