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The PC Weenies joins the WordPress avalanche

January 3rd, 2008 by harknell

In what is becoming a common occurrence with webcomics, yet another major webcomic has converted over to WordPress to host their comic: The PC Weenies. In this particular case mr. Sadasivam has decided to move forward with WordPress and Comicpress and leave his old site in place, as opposed to attempting to convert his 9 year long archive of previous work into WordPress (I would make the claim that using AWSOM Pixgallery with a few small adaptions might ease that :) ), but nevertheless it is yet another example that validates what I’ve been saying for awhile, and working toward with this site.

Of course not everyone has the range of support that the big guys have to get help to set their sites up, that’s why you can count on me to be here to help out everyone from the highest trafficked to the just starting out.

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