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AWSOM Pixgallery performance tuning

WordPress is a very powerful content management system. The cost of this power can sometimes be at your server’s CPU and memory resources. One tip for anyone using AWSOM Pixgallery, and NOT using it’s built in lightbox effects, is to simply turn off it’s usage of the built in effects library. This setting is in the Pixgallery admin settings/options page and is listed as “If you want to use a 3rd party javascript plugin and turn off the built in system, set the following setting to “custom” and input the custom rel code needed to add the effect to your images in the following box.”

What you are doing is turning off the loading of pixgallery.js.php, which can easily cut down on your file transfer amounts as well as overall server cpu/memory resources.

I’ll post more tuning tips over time for my plugins, as well as general ideas for overall speed/resource tuning for WordPress.


  1. I’m having problem with the images larger than 1MB, they won’t show on the gallery and the gallery is showing a blank page.. Any help? :/

    • Hi Victor,
      In many cases the reason why large images aren’t working is due to settings on your server. Basically Pixgallery processes images using php and creates thumbnails and other images. On some servers memory limits can prevent this from properly occuring, since in many cases the limit on php memory can be very low (like 8 MBs). If you have 10 images this can be more than the server will allow to be processed. A secret trick though is to turn on pagination such that there is only 1 image per page (so set the pagination in the setting page to 1 row by 1 column). What this does is has pixgallery process each image individually. To get this to work what you need to do is page through your gallery to view each image, which then completes the process. You may be able to get away with more than 1 image per page, it depends on your server. Please note that this is only to process the images initially–after you do this you can return your pagination back to whatever you want it to be.

  2. Thanks for the reply, harknell..

    Tried many times but it doesn’t seems to work, is there any other way to do it? Like, process it in the local machine and just upload the thumbnail to the server?


    • Hi Victor,
      If your server can’t handle 1 image per page it probably won’t be able to handle regular usage of the plugin. It is possible to do things offline, but it would be a major hassle since you’d need to know the path of the image and make and MD5 encoded name for each image. The easiest fix is to ask your server admin to update the php memory usage limit to 16mb or more. Failing that I don’t really have any other things I can suggest for Pixgallery. Maybe you could try out NextGen gallery or try the built-in WordPress Gallery features?

      • Thanks for the reply, harknell..

        I asked my server admin about the php memory, my server is having 64MB of php memory, so I think the memory isn’t the problem..

        And for your suggestion, I don’t think NextGen gallery has a feature to import a hundred of image folders automatically like this plug-in. I have to import it one folder by one folder.

        If you don’t mind, can you visit my website and check?

        I will directly link you to the gallery.

        {EDIT: URL removed at posters request}

        and please go to the second and the third page, it has no problem with page 1 and 4..
        (Please remove the url once you read it :))

        Thank you for your time..

        • Hi Victor,
          It looks like it isn’t a problem with memory (at least it looks like that to me right now). I looked around most of your galleries and they mostly seem to work properly. The one in particular you’ve posted breaks at this image: {EDIT: URL removed at Posters request}
          And past it none seem to work. I wonder if there’s something “wrong” with these images compared to the ones that work. It looks to me right now that it’s something to do with those files that’s causing the problems–>If you go to the file directly on your server: {EDIT: URL removed at posters request} it fails to fully load. I wonder if the files are semi-corrupted or processed incorrectly somehow.

          • Thanks harknell,

            thank you for checking the gallery for me, I will try to delete them and see if the gallery will work.

            p.s. can you remove the url of my site, please?

          • It seems working great now, thank you for your time to solve my problem.(The corrupted image breaks the process, I removed them and problem solved)

            And thanks for the great plug-in..

            Have a nice day :)

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