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Not Dead

Hi everyone,
No, I’m not dead. The lack of updates recently is due to a ton of other work I’m involved with. This is the unfortunate issue that can happen to projects like the one here when other (i.e. money) related projects pop up. So I will be back at some point with more updates, but I can’t say when. More than likely you’ll know when that occurs when you see a plugin update notification in your WordPress showing a new AWSOM plugin update is available.


  1. hello!
    i like your work with AWSOM News Plugin, and i was sad to see that is not working with new version of WP 2.7.1… (pulldown menu is no activated)
    i hope you’ll manage to find some time and place for update to be done!


  2. Hi, as far as I know the plugin does work in 2.7.1. I’m not sure what “pulldown menu” you are referring to. Could you give a fuller explanation of what’s not working, or post a link to a page/post that has the incorrect behavior.

  3. what i meant is that i cant get that combobox from witch i can choose news i populated earlier.(like this one on your site)

    i made fresh install of WP 2.7.1 with last Awsom news plugin version..
    im driving it locally via Xampp..

    i only get a list of a news without combobox from where i can choose for example the news i want..
    ill try later to post some pict too..

  4. my eyez r tired smt… :-)

    its just too many good things and little time and a lot of stuff to notice..

    thx 4 nice plugins though… :-)

    • Hi Mario,
      I think you may have discovered this already, but the “combo box” I think you thought was part of AWSOM News is actually a different plugin called AWSOM Archive. The edit links for news posts are all separate and lead directly to a page to edit that particular news post, so they never form a drop down box.

  5. Thanks for the great plugin, i already installed it, liked it but have some problem.
    1 – the thumbnail does not work fine when my page link have page name or with a “/” in the end of the page link example: http://www.xample.com/Gallery/

    2 – i have about 390 post in my blog and i always use an internal link for the image from folder in my root, example: http://www.xample.com/myimg/naruto.jpg
    the problem is the cache folder is copying or making a thumbnail from all image i have been using in my 390 post not just an image from the folder i want to make it like a gallery.

    sorry for my bad english ^_^, its not my first language.

    • Hi Adnan,
      The above links you put in aren’t to any actual pages showing your problems (as far as I can tell). Please use the contact form on this site to send me links to pages showing the actual problem, or reply here with the links. I’ll have to see what you mean before I have any answers.

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