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How Fast Does Your Site Load?

This site is a great tool to use after you get your site set up and running. It tells you basically how long your site takes to load up for an average user. Since most internet studies have shown that visitors will often leave a site if it doesn’t load in less than 7 seconds (and in some cases as short as 4 seconds) you can get a good idea of how your site performs. Keep in mind that this is also testing your web server, so as you get more popular you can keep an eye on how well your site is performing in case you need to make a move to a better performing server.

Link: http://www.octagate.com/service/SiteTimer/

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  1. This is pretty neat. I know I’m definitely one of the 4 second people unless I really really want to get to the site.

    My main page loaded in about 2 seconds and most things in less than 4. Some pictures did take longer but not too long.

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