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Pixgallery 4.7.0 Upcoming Features

I just wanted to post that I’m working on version 4.7.0 of AWSOM Pixgallery, and give preview of some of it’s features. The biggest new feature will be the inclusion of Gallery RSS feeds. Each level of your gallery (i.e. each folder with images) will have it’s own RSS feed. You can set how many items will be in the feed (globally) as well as if the images will appear directly in the feed (for people who like Photo feeds), and if the RSS links directly to the image–or gets shown as a page in WordPress.

I’m also working to add some SEO friendly additions to the mix, such as adding the Image/Gallery you are viewing into the title of the WordPress page, as well as the tags into meta keywords. I’ve also fixed a few bugs, and am hoping to pop a few other features in as well.

AWSOM.org already has the RSS feed stuff running, so if you want a preview of things go to this page to see it in action.


  1. Wow glad to see your finally adding SEO features and making your great plugin even greater! keep up the great work!

  2. I finally figured out how to do some of the page header addition stuff, so I’m very happy to put that into the plugin. I have quite a few more things I’ll be adding in this release as well, but I’ll talk more about them as I get them coded.

    Thank you for the support and feedback.

  3. What’s the likelihood of you adding the option to manually enter the directory path to pull the images from for when the thumbnail is clicked? I have done everything imaginable and I have not been able to stop the plugin from adding an extra phantom folder to the path for the pop up images.

  4. Additionally the chance of you including the choice to personally get into the listing direction to take the pictures from for when the thumbnail is clicked? I have done everything possible and I have not been able to quit the tool from including an additional phantom listing to the direction for the pop up pictures.

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