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AWSOM Plugins Troubleshooting/FAQ Guide

General Plugin Troubleshooting

I moved the plugin files to my plugin folder but it’s not showing up in my Admin Plugin area to activate, What’s going on?

The most likely answer to this problem is that you’ve moved the plugin to your server inside a 2nd folder. When you unzip a plugin on your PC it creates a top level folder that contains the plugin folder. If you move the top level folder to your server, the plugin folder will be too deep for WordPress to find it. The plugin files need to be in the first level folder within the Plugins folder in WordPress. Make sure you only move the folder actually containing the plugin files to your web server.

AWSOM Plugin troubleshooting

I’m receiving an error statement after activating the AWSOM Pixgallery plugin and trying to view my gallery that includes the line “Error: Photos path must have write permission for reduce originals option!” or “Error: Your Image Folder is not Set to the 777 permissions needed to allow Global Resize function to operate”, what’s wrong?

The error you are receiving is in relation to improper folder permissions on your webserver. AWSOM Pixgallery automatically creates thumbnails of your images, but a requirement of this is that it needs the proper permissions to write these new images to your webserver. The AWSOM Pixgallery setting in it’s Options area called “Cache Path” determines what folder on your webserver the plugin will use as it’s save area for these thumbnails. This folder MUST have full open permissions, 777, for the process to work correctly. The error is telling you that this is not set. Please check your entry for the cache path field and the folder on your webserver to make sure that they match and that the folder has the proper permissions settings in place. (see here for info on the Options area of AWSOM Pixgallery, see here for info on how to set permission levels for a folder on a webserver.)

I’m getting the error statement “Error: Photos path must have write permission for reduce originals option!” or “Error: Your Image Folder is not Set to the 777 permissions needed to allow Global Resize function to operate” on regular pages and posts that do not have an Image Gallery, what’s going on?

AWSOM Pixgallery has a feature that allows you to set a global maximum size for any image that appears on your site in a page or post, even non-image gallery pages and post–this is to prevent an image from breaking your theme. By default the feature is turned on. To turn it off go to the Pixgallery Options page and change the setting Reduce images in photos path (0 = disabled) or Maximum image size for viewing full size images within the WordPress page (use this setting if you need to scale full size images to fit your theme)(0 = no max) (depends on what version of Pixgallery you are using) Width and Height to 0, this will turn this feature off and eliminate those error messages.

I have my archive and cache set up properly but for some reason my thumbnails are not displaying when using the AWSOM Pixgallery plugin. What’s wrong?

The most likely answer is that you are using a sub folder to host your WordPress website on your server or you are using custom permalinks. Pixgallery is looking in the wrong spot for your thumbnails based on the root folder, not the WordPress folder–to fix this go to the Pixgallery options page and remove the first / in the cache path setting: so if its says /images/cache/ change it to images/cache/ . In some cases you may also need to remove the trailing /. This should correct the problem.

You may also have to turn on Absolute Linking support. You normally only need to do this if you have a WordPress site that is both in a subfolder on your server (not in the root directory of your website path) and is using Fancy Permalinks. The option is in the Pixgallery Options page.

Can I use an Image folder outside of my WordPress install folder chain to show my images in AWSOM Pixgallery?
Well, this isn’t recommended. WordPress functions mostly based on relative linking, and folders outside of the WordPress install folder chain are not easily linked to normally by the process WordPress uses. This can lead to your thumbnail images or full size images not appearing properly in the gallery plugin. You really might want to consider placing your gallery folders within the wp-content/uploads folder, since this is where WordPress stores the images you upload using the native upload function for posts and pages. It also makes your site more portable. AWSOM Pixgallery can even make a default gallery in the uploads folder for you to use.

If you have to use a folder outside of your WordPress install you will need to add ../ and ./ to your path in order to have WordPress correctly create links to your images. This can be tricky and you should look for a help file on this if you don’t know how to do it.

After turning on AWSOM Pixgallery my main page or non-gallery pages are loading very slowly, what’s wrong?

The most likely answer is you are displaying images on your main page that are on a different server (like Flickr or Photobucket) and your server PHP settings are set to be very restrictive. Apparently some server set ups have restrictions on how some PHP commands (like fopen) can be used with an external server. This leads to the Pixgallery trying to access information about the external image but failing and causing a PHP timeout to occur. This timeout is typically set to 30 seconds per process, so if you have 4 external images it will take an extra 2 minutes for the page to load. The workaround for this that has been discovered is to request that your server admin add the external server you are using for images to your servers etc/hosts/ file. This then approves that server and allows the PHP process to work properly. See this entry on the AWSOM support forum for more information.

You can also turn off “post scanning” in PixGallery. This is a new option in the Admin settings for PixGallery. This will tell PixGallery to no longer scan for images in your posts, so the global re-size function will no longer work for posts.

I’m running my WordPress site on a Windows IIS server, Is this compatible with AWSOM Pixgallery?

If everything is set up correctly, yes. However, it has been brought to my attention that in many cases the Windows IIS version of PHP does not have the GD image library properly installed by default, so this would not allow Pixgallery to work properly and would cause errors or page loading problems. If you are having these types of issues on a Windows IIS system please first confirm that GD 2.x is working properly on your system. Also, you might want to consult this website if you are using Pretty/Fancy Permalinks on your server to see if this helps solve some issues: http://neosmart.net/blog/2006/100-apache-compliant-request_uri-for-iis-and-windows/

I’ve added some captions to my images in AWSOM Pixgallery but they aren’t appearing, what’s wrong?

By default AWSOM Pixgallery does not have captions enabled. Go to the Pixgallery Options page and turn on the setting to enable captions for images.

After activating some of the AWSOM plugins that display things in my theme (News Announcement, Archive, etc.) They are appearing in an order that I don’t like or are conflicting with other plugins in the way they appear, can I change this?

WordPress uses a system of priority in how plugins display or happen. By default all of the AWSOM plugins were created to appear in a certain order that appeared to be the best combination. This can be altered by changing a line of code in the plugin file. Near the end of each file there is a line that starts with “add_action(‘loop_start’,”, at the end there is usually a number, this represents the priority of the plugin. If you make this number lower the plugin will happen higher on the list and appear sooner on your page, if you increase the number it will do the opposite. The default number is 10. So change this number until things appear the way you want them to. If there isn’t a number, simply add a , and then place the number you want there inside the ) .

I’m seeing 2 News Announcements on my index page after installing the new version of AWSOM News Announcement, what’s happening?

You are probably a beta tester or you installed version 1.02 of the plugin. The first version of the plugin required you to add some code to your index.php theme page for the announcement to appear, newer versions do not require this code–but it still supports it. What is happening is you have enabled the “show in default location” option while also having the custom code in your theme file. Either remove the old code from the theme file or turn the default location option to “No” in the manage AWSOM News area to remove the extra announcement.

I turned on the “run php” setting in AWSOM News Announcement but every time I add in the php code it doesn’t display properly or disappears entirely, what am I doing wrong?

You are probably inputting the php code using the Visual Editor. This won’t work. You can only enter php code (or html) when you are using the code editor. Switch to the code editor and add in your php code, it will now work correctly.

The AWSOM Archive isn’t displaying the box wide enough to show the full text of the initial option (which says the name of your website), What can I do to fix this?

It appears that certain server types (some Windows server versions apparently) can display drop down boxes in a weird manner that isn’t quite big enough to show all of the text. Go to the admin Options area for the plugin and alter the AWSOM Archive Size Customization field box to add a number that’s big enough to show your posts properly. You may need to play with this a bit before you find the right number that fits your theme.

UPDATED: I’m seeing multiple footer credits on my page that say “AWSOM powered”, what’s happening?

UPDATED: Issue Now Fixed in all plugins, only one credit will be displayed. If you are seeing more than one credit you probably haven’t updated one of the plugins, check for the most recent versions of all of them and update.

You have the AWSOM powered footer credit turned on in 2 or more AWSOM plugins. If you go into the options or manage areas of the AWSOM plugins you will see an option to turn on or off these credit links, simply turn them off until only one appears. (and thank you BTW for adding the credit on your site, it helps me out greatly for recognition)

Does deactivating an AWSOM plugin remove it’s database tables from my WordPress database?

No. WordPress does not have a built in system for removing plugin created database fields. If you do want to remove and uninstall any AWSOM plugin completely from your WordPress site please use the AWSOM Uninstaller plugin thats been designed to do this for you.


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  2. Hi Great simple and easy to use. I will be mentioning your plugin site when I have my new site up and running if that is okay with you. I would like to know how to change the colour of the border (which is some sort of greyish blue colour) around each photo to a colour of my choice. I looked in the code but there is only one for a font colour – not sure what this is for anyway. Appreciate your help. Thanks.

  3. Hi, I assume you are talking about Pixgallery. The way to change the border color (or remove it entirely or alter it) is to alter the entry within the file pixgallery.css for the entry called .PxgImage. This entry controls the CSS used for regular gallery images (as a side note, .PxgGlobalImage controls what is added to images outside of your gallery, so changing that will alter those attributes). So to change the color of the background change the number in this–> border: 1px solid #cbdaeb; to whatever color code you want it to be.

    Another note, in the new version of Pixgallery sub folder images have their own CSS, which is controlled by the entry .PxgSubGaleryImage, same rules apply.

    To totally remove the CSS simply remove everything between the 2 { } and nothing will be added to the images:

    .PxgImage { }

    Hope this helps.

  4. I’ve not gotten the News
    Announcement into the admin page. I cannot locate a way of activating the options within the plug in.

    I had previously tried unzipping on the PC then unzipped on the server and it at least got listed. It is not listed on the settings page where I might be able to set some parameters. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi, the AWSOM News Announcement plugin does not have a seperate settings page. All functions are in the Manage–>AWSOM News page. Scroll down to the bottom of that page to set general options for the plugin.

  6. Thanks. I finally managed to figure the previous question out.

    Now I find the new announcement to be appearing on the left hand nav bar under a ‘Latest Posts’ heading.

    Any help?

    PS: For a time it was displaying properly when the post was previewed then on the left hand bar when published. Now it is in the left hand bar all the time.


    PPS: Once we get the issue above solved how do I surround the New Announcement with a border?

    Thanks again for the time and effort. It’s a fine plugin.

  7. Hmmm, it appears you may have a theme that has things set up so that the first content loop encountered is in your left sidebar. This isn’t very typical and as a result is “hijacking” the news announcement. This is probably a case where you are best off using a theme tag to display the News Announcement area and turn off the “default” location setting. The tag that is needed is listed in the support files or on the management page for the plugin, just copy and paste this into your index theme file right after the Div statement that is id= “content” (if you want it above all 3 columns) or after the div id= “contentmiddle” (if only above the posts column) and it will appear in the proper place.

    You can alter the CSS of the News Announcement area by adding in CSS elements to the CSS options box on the Manage–>AWSOM News admin page. typically you can add something like border: 1px solid #000000; to get a thin black border around the posts–tweak it to what you actually want

  8. OK. Here’s a puzzle. I followed your directions. I changed the index page and pasted the code after the contentmiddle> tag.

    Creating a new post, after deleting everything in sight, using the HTML editor, the announcement comes up great on the **comment** page but not on the splash page.

    Go to the website and check it for yourself. You’ll see why I’m working so hard to find a solution.

    I appreciate the time you are taking to help one confused user.

    PS: the subject site http://www.stuartoneill.com. Called Polcampaign, once it’s fully operational it will be moved to it’s own site.

  9. Hi, it looks like you’ve got the announcement showing up on the index page now. I did notice though it’s also on individual post pages also. Let me know if this is how you want it.

    • Hello there,

      Thank you very much for this plugin. I’ve been using it for several months and have been very happy. But now…I want to create more pages but the awsom news appears on each of them. I noticed you asked one guy up there in june if that was how he wanted it. Well in my case : no !
      I tried de-activating the default option and pasting the code in the index.php of my theme, but it didn’t help. Can you help ?


      • Hi Dianevh,
        You will probably want to utilize the numbered news location function then. The “generic” code or default location assumes you want to have the news posts show up the same in every spot you place it. If you use the theme code with a number placed in it (1-9) you then can place only specific news posts to display in that location. However, if you place the theme code in a very generic location (like the index.php) it will appear on every page that calls index.php to display that page. I would suggest using a template page for specific pages that you want to have the news announcement section to appear in. If you go to WordPress.org they have info on how to make theme specific template pages. When you make a new page you can then select this template for that page as opposed to the generic template.

  10. i love pixgallery, but i am running into a problem right now. At odd times i am getting a javascript error of “object.prototype is null or not an object” – i have troubleshooted enough to know that it is this plugin that is causing the problem. Any ideas how to fix it perminantly?

  11. I am getting the following error when I try to put a new announcement in.

    WordPress database error Out of range value adjusted for column ‘displaypos’ at row 1 for query INSERT INTO wp_awsomnews (anid, displayname, newstext, displaypos, isactive, whocanview ) VALUES (null, ‘Let\\\’s Celebrate’,

  12. I updated Awsom-news-announcement to 1.5.1 and getting php error code on home page: Warning: missing argument 1 for display_my_news_announcement() in (webinformation) awsomenews.php on line 111. I’ve looked at it but don’t know enough about code to see what’s wrong. Thanks!

  13. Hi Leslie, the issue you are seeing is related to the new upgrade that allows multiple news locations to exist. You are using the old theme code in your theme. If you look in the AWSOM admin page you’ll see the new version of the code, replace the old one with this one and it’ll work properly. (basically you need to add a 0 into the spot of the theme code that calls the display of the news posts– the “display_my_news_announcement()” being mentioned in the error. So make it display_my_news_announcement(0)

  14. hi,
    is it possible to turn of the standard comment if there is no comment on the picture yet? (AWSOM Pixgallery Administrator Says…)

    instead of this its an awesome gallery because of the possibility to comment each photo.

    thx for your work and hoping you add an image uploader and album creator to make this a whole package :)

  15. Hi Bernhard, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this (that I’ve found). Because the comment loop requires at least one pass through to check if there are any comments, I’m forced to provide at least something for the comment loop to parse, or I get an error. Also, I can’t directly control the output of the comment loop unless I provide the info for at least one comment. (otherwise the comment will appear with no username and other elements and look weirder).

  16. Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagetypes() in /home/xxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/awsompixgallery/pixgallery.php on line 994

    Can you help me here?
    I get this error when I try to intall this in WP 2.7

    It’s not the server issue because http://www.world-cruiser.com works fine one the same server.

    I must admin that WP is the worst thing I have seen in my life lol

  17. I have tried creating a gallery with PixGallery, but it just will not work. Every time I try to add a new one, it says that the gallery has been successfully created, but it doesn’t appear on the drop-down menu and when I click “Show all existing galleries” it says there aren’t any.

    I don’t understand why this won’t work; I followed the instruction in the tutorial video and then some.

    • Hi Tekende,
      What version of WordPress and the plugin are you using? There was a bug in one version of the plugin that didn’t add the database entries properly. Make sure you have the most recent version of the plugin (download it from this site) and then disable and reenable the plugin.

  18. I have installed the AWSOM Archive plugin on my test site and ran into a problem. It is not on my list of plugins anywhere. I can use my FTP to remove it, but not everyone has that option and it is not the best way to do things.

    • Hi, how did you install the plugin? The usual reason for the plugin not being displayed is it’s not at the right level in the plugins folder. Make sure the plugin is only one or 2 levels inside the folder.

  19. Hi witchcraft,
    It is only currently possible to remove the (folder) statement by editing the file pixgallery.php and doing a find/replace for that phrase. It should be easy to find using any text editor. In the next version I’m going to make things like this selectable from the admin area through a theming area.

  20. After following the video tutorial I get this:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 14016 bytes) in (…) /wp-content/plugins/awsompixgallery/pixgallery.php on line 995

    any suggestions.

    php version 5.2.9
    WP version 2.7.1

  21. Hi Astrup,
    That’s an error that is related to the memory size that php is allowed to use for any one process. Your server might be set to a low number, you’ll need to raise this number in the php.ini file of the server (or have your server admin do it). Typically it’s set to 8mb, but in most cases you’ll need to up this to either 16 or better yet 32 mb. It’s also possible that you’re trying to process to large of a gallery in one shot. If you have a large number of images in your gallery you might want to limit the rows and columns to a smaller number so that less are displayed on the page at a time. This will reduce the memory usage.

  22. I’m running the latest version of pixgallery and wordpress. As soon as I activate pixgallery, an error shows up on several images:

    Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open ‘/home5/preserw5/public_html//home5/preserw5/public_html//wp-content/uploads/cache/f9db1313961d3ac713fb96786175b41d.jpg’ for writing: No such file or directory in /home5/preserw5/public_html/wp-content/plugins/awsompixgallery/pixgallery.php on line 1047.

    I attempted enabling Absolute Links as described in the help file. That simply made all the rest of the images disappear.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    • Sorry for the late response. Please troubleshoot by making sure there are no conflicts with other plugins by first deactivating your other plugins and switch to the default theme for wordpress and see if the issue still occurs. If it does then we can see if there are some server settings that are causing the probelm, if it now works, then reenable your other plugins slowly until it breaks again–then we know where the conflict lies. If all plugins work then switch back to your theme, if it breaks then then we know it’s your theme.

  23. Hi Jen, Sorry for the delay I was away for a few days. Does any of the gallery functions work properly? I can’t tell from your post as to whether this is related to one specific image or function in the plugin. Also a link would be helpful so I can see the behavior or gallery.

  24. Hi! I have EXACTLY the same problem as Jen!

    [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /usr/www/users/antagon/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/awsompixgallery/pixgallery.php on line 1047: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open ‘/wp-content/uploads/cache/95b19ce219a15f96674514a0d42ad5ea.jpg’ for writing: No such file or directory

    I am getting this for all the images in the directory.

    I set both the directory and image files, plus the cache folder to perm 777.

    Here is the page where I am getting this error:


    It bears mentioning that I only started getting the error after I installed the WP-United mod to bridge my blog to my forum.

    • UPDATE:

      I have discovered that I still have this error, but I only have it when I click in the WordPress-generated sidebar nav, not on my image link that I created myself.


      Clearly the issue is with the way it is formatting the links– the link to the images is leaving out a subfolder needed to locate the images, but I don’t know how there is any way to change that without breaking it on the other version of the page.

      • Hi, Did you fully resolve this issue? I just went to your site and couldn’t see any errors no matter what I did. Maybe I’m missing the error somehow.

  25. I use Awsom pixgallery on WordPress 2.7. The galleries look great but there is one major problem. When I click on the visual editor tab in the WP Admin pages it deletes the pixgallery code. (I add the code using the HTML tab). This makes it almost useless to me since I often have to edit pages using the visual editor. Is there something I am doing wrong. Please email me.

  26. Hi Bob,
    Unfortunately that’s a limitation within WordPress. One of the “issues” with the input form is it filters out html. In this case pseudo html that the plugin uses. I am looking at making an alternate code that won’t get filtered though, so that will eventually help. For the moment though there isn’t anything other than turning off the visual editor that can help the situation.

  27. Hi Bob,

    if you are on your “own” server and know how to use phpMyAdmin you can go there and write in the code, after that don’t open the widget in the WP admin as it will strip out the code and you have to do it all over again.

    • Thanks for checking on this. I have completed your instructions, setting the active status of the current news post to “no” and adding a new, blank news post. There are now no AWSOM News posts appearing on the index page. The spaces are still missing from the only blog post.

  28. I’m setting up a new WordPress blog and wanted to have one message constantly displayed at the top of the index page. I was very pleased to find that AWSOM News was designed to do exactly this. Thank you for making it available!

    Since installing it, I have run into a problem with post formatting on the Index page only.

    On the index page, I have one post and one AWSOM News announcement. Since installing AWSOM News, the post does not appear with all its formatting on the Index page. The formatting that is missing is all paragraph breaks. All other formatting is displayed.

    That post DOES appear with complete formatting when viewed through the Preview link in the dashboard, and also when viewed on the Permalink.

    It is only on the Index page that all paragraph breaks are missing from the post. The lines all run together.

    I’m using the Patagonia theme. The paragraph breaks were displaying properly until I added the AWSOM New and added an announcement. I’ll appreciate any help you can give me in correcting this.

    • Hi, Can you try something out–>Turn off the current news post you have up (turn it’s active status to no) and add a new one, but don’t add anything to the post at all. Leave the new post totally blank and just save it. What I want to see is if it’s something in the post itself, or the mere fact that the section is appearing. I see that you are using the Visual Editor to add your content to the posts, so I want to make sure it isn’t glitching things.

      • (Sorry, I left that reply in the wrong place.)
        Thanks for checking on this. I have completed your instructions, setting the active status of the current news post to “no” and adding a new, blank news post. There are now no AWSOM News posts appearing on the index page. The spaces are still missing from the only blog post.

  29. Ok, one last test. Can you change the setting in the plugin so that it turns off the default location for display? (turn off “enable News announcement on index page above posts). But leave the plugin active.

    What I want to see is if maybe there is some kind of plugin/theme conflict, or if there is a CSS issue.

    • Where it says “Enable News Announcement On Index Page above Posts (default location, select No if you want to place News announcements only in a custom location by editing your template or using the post code)?” …I have selected “No.”

      • Ok, now it gets weird. With the location turned off there is literally no output from the plugin occurring, so it means to me that there is either a conflict with another plugin occurring, or something with your theme. The standard way to test for this is to turn off all other plugins on your site temporarily and see if this corrects the issue. If it doesn’t then change to the WordPress default theme and then see if it works. If it does in either case (all plugins off, or it only works with default wordpress theme) then we can narrow down what is causing the problem by turning on plugins one at a time until things break.

          • Hmm, that’s a bit of a problem. Without being able to look at that plugin (it’s not free) I can’t give any tips on how to fix things. I suspect we’re calling something the same thing or somehow conflicting in doing some processing. I have no clue though actually why things would have this result….

  30. Hi my awsom plugin suddenly stopped displaying news. I have deactivated and upgraded latest version 1.5.2 but still the news are not coming up and if we edit the old news it is throwing HTTP 500 server error.

  31. Hmm, very strange. What circumstances lead to the plugin suddenly not working? Have you added any new plugins recently or switched to a different theme? Or did you upgrade your version of WordPress? Also, for the upgrade, what version did you upgrade from?

  32. Hi,

    I’m trying to add PixGallery to our schoolsite-to-be but have a weird problem. When I try to add the code to a new page and subsequently try to publish it the code magically disappears and I end up with an empty page! According to the instructions I entered the code in the HTML mode. Word Press is in the root folder, everything seems to be ok. So what am I doing wrong here? I dont know wwhat to do anymore and your help would be very much appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Leo vervorst

    • Wow. It even disappeared in my previous message. The code I am talking about is: () I now put it between brackets to avoid it from disappearing again :-)

  33. Well, that didn’t help :-(

    It’s the html-code that is generated when you click the ” Generate Gallery Code” in the
    “Pixgallery Gallery add/Edit/Delete Page” -section.

  34. Hi,

    This plugin seams to be the one I need, but I’m having problems to get it running.

    First, in the path for the gallery this plugin inserts wp-admin.
    Error: Path does not exist [/home/myusername/public_html/wp-admin/wp-content/uploads/awsompixgallery/]!
    I have tried the workaround by adding prefix /.. to the default gallery path /wp-content/uploads/awsompixgallery/

    Second, after adding /.. prefix I get this error for all images. The error is on the page.php
    Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open ‘/home/pasteln1/public_html/wp-admin/wp-content/uploads/cache/fe22302f82bd3f2ade7f718feb9a1e89.jpg’ for writing: No such file or directory in /home/myusername/public_html/wp-content/plugins/awsom-pixgallery/pixgallery.php on line 1047

    I’m using WP Super Cashe plugin, is that a problem?

    Thanks for helping

    • Hi, that’s strange. That’s not ever been a reported issue with the wp-admin being a part of the path. It IS possible super cache is causing something weird to occur–but that’s also never been an issue before. Typically supercache only makes the galleries lag in how quickly new images appear.

      Have you tried disabling your other plugins temporarily to see if things work on their own? Try that out first then see if any of them cause an issue after they are activated.

  35. I have tried to disable Super-Cashe but nothing changed. I will try the other plugins later.

    There is one more warning that happens if I use default gallery path. maybe that says something to you

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/myusername/public_html/wp-content/plugins/awsom-pixgallery/pixgallery.php:628) in /home/myusername/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 868

    thanks for prompt reply!

  36. I intstalled pixgallery 4.6.0 into WordPress 2.9.2. It works great.

    I have two problems.
    1. I’ve changed the “position in gallery” but they still show up in the original order.

    I have a picture after the gallery in the main post. When I click on a thumbnail in the gallery, that picture shows up below the one I clicked on.

  37. Hi Bob,

    1) you need to change the setting in the admin page for sort type. Set it to numerical sort.

    2) the way pixgallery works is by embedding in a post or page. Whatever exists on that page will also appear at every point of the gallery. This is good if you want a header or footer on every page of the gallery, but isn’t if you want it to appear only on the main part of the gallery. The best way to handle that is to use the gallery caption function to place a caption for the main gallery with the image you want to show. It’ll only show when that gallery is being displayed.

  38. Installed 4.6.1 pixgallery with WordPress 2.9.2 using DarkMystery theme. Set up this site as a test until it’s approved in a directory on my client’s server called “wordpress”. I can set up galleries with thumbnails though clicking on a thumb gives the error 404 message. Downloaded the “fix” though it mad all of of my pages go white after i reisnstalled it in my plugins folder. Deleted it, and went back and reinstalled 4.6.1. Used absolute linking in the settings. Deactivated all plugins except pixgallery, and also returned to default theme, though still no luck. I have also moved the images to within the awsompixgallery directory inside the uploads folder, and that does not work either. Anything i’m missing?

  39. First of all I want to say thank you for this great plugin.

    There’s one wish. In addition to the “Custom Image Name For Display” and the “Image Caption” I would like to have a text field for the creator/photografer of an image/picture.

    Would it be possible to do this and did you get an idea how.

    I have some experience in PHP and MySQL but I don’t know where to start.

    Thanks for any input

    • Hi Thomas,
      To add an entirely new field would be a somewhat extensive mod. One quick way to get what you want would be to look at adding IPTC data to your images and turning that feature to on in the settings. IPTC data is what newspapers or other image catalogers use to embed artist or photographer names directly into the image’s metadata. Pixgallery can support the display of this data and it will appear below the image if the feature is turned on and the data exists.

      Photoshop can write this data into a jpg file.

      For the future I am considering adding “extra” fields capability, which would allow admins to define extra fields like your request. Unfortunately this isn’t going to happen very soon since my dev schedule is pretty full right now.

      • Thanks for your answer.

        Because I got the pictures from different photographers and not all of them knew about IPTC I will do this with the Image description.

        But there’s another wish: I would like to sort the images within a gallery by the default “Last File Added First” and the galleries by “Ascending Numerical Sort”. If I select the default sort order the galleries sorted that way too.

        Even though in the settings it’s called “How do you want PixGallery to sort your images on the Thumbnail page” the galleries are sorted too.

        Is there any chance to sort the way I would like to do.


        • Hi, for the moment sort ordering is done globally–so both images and galleries use the same system. As part of an update I hope to add per gallery sorting, so each gallery level can have it’s own option. Can’t say when this will be–I’m in the middle of some RSS design for the plugin–but I hope to add it as soon as I can.

  40. hi!
    i´ve a problem with awsom pixgallery:

    after uploading the pictures the gallerytumbs appeare. but if i click on the thumbs the message shows up: “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exists.”


    if i click right on the thumb and choose “copy link adress” the the adress is


    but thats totally wrong, the path of the pictures is


    why is the plugin ignoring the subfolders? how is it possible that the plugin generates the thumbs from the pictures but doesn´t find the pictures themselfes?

    best regards

  41. Hi
    I edited my news in AWSOM News ver. 1.5.5 I copy the code %%awsomnews0%% in the page I wanted the news appears, but nothing happened.
    Could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?
    Thanks a lot

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