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AWSOM News 1.4.0 Beta 1 released

Hi everyone, it didn’t quite make it for Christmas, but the new AWSOM News Announcement 1.4.0 Beta 1 plugin for WordPress is now available for download from it’s AWSOM.org Product Page. This version now has Multi-News saving capability, as well as Multi-News display capability. You can hold on to important news posts and activate them whenever you need to display them. You can set them to display in a specific order by assigning them a display position.

As is typical with all Beta products, be aware that bugs or issues can arise, so consider testing it out first offline before putting it live on your site. You should also read the Beta News Page to get more information about the changes in the plugin.

If you hit any major issues, find bugs, or have feedback, please send it in using my Contact Page.

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