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WordPress 2.3 Upcoming Issues

The release of WordPress 2.3 is coming soon (at this time it’s scheduled for late September 2007), and you can expect trouble. While the transition of WordPress 2.0 to 2.1 had issues, and many thought the change from 2.1 to 2.2 was traumatic–that will be nothing compared to the change to 2.3. It turns out that the developers have decided to make some drastic changes to the structure of the database of WordPress, so many older plugins (like ones developed even this week) will probably fail. If a plugin has anything to do with categories it will almost certainly fail, since this area seems to have been hit the hardest with the change.

In their blog the developers have essentially said “if we’re going to make a change, we decided we might as well go for broke”. I don’t doubt that there are good reasons fro the changes, but they have essentially said that they expect things to break and have an “oh well, what to do?” attitude about it. Since most USERS of WordPress don’t follow along on developers discussions, there’s a good shot most of you guys will get caught totally unaware if you upgrade–and half your site stops working. So be careful and test your site offline first if you plan to upgrade to 2.3 when it’s released.

My plugins are mostly unaffected by the changes that are occurring, but I will be releasing an update to the AWSOM Drop Down Archive plugin soon to bring it more into compatibility with some other changes that have occurred.


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