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AWSOM Pixgallery 4.5.0 released

AWSOM Pixgallery 4.5.0 for WordPress has now been released and is available from it’s product page at AWSOM.org. This new version brings in many upgrades to the workflow model, now named the “FastFlow” system, which makes it easy and quick to get your images up and available for view. A guide is now available to help you understand how to get started with Pixgallery using this sytem. Additionally the much requested Individual Comment system is now in place, so you can get feedback on any gallery or image directly. Please let me know your thoughts on the new version and post any issues or questions on the support forums at Harknell.com.


  1. Quick question, is there a way to migrate the old caption to the new caption system without having to manually go through and enter it all?

  2. Actually, the workflow for updating is pretty easy. If you are logged into your site, and turn on legacy mode to have the captions display like in previous versions, when you look at an image on the single view page you will see an edit or add caption link that you should click. That link will take you to the caption edit page that will then automatically enter the path info for the image–so all you really need to do is click edit, then click update and it will convert the image caption to the new system without you having to type anything in. If you then click the return link that is displayed after updating you will go back to where you started in the image gallery, so you can quickly move through a gallery updating your captions if you need to.

  3. PixGallery 4.5.0 does not seems to link correctly with numeric link setting like : /archives/%post_id% with WordPress 2.3.3

  4. I have been told that certain combinations of permalinks do not seem to work properly. Are you using a Linux or Windows IIS server? It seems that IIS servers have this problem with a much higher frequency than Linux. I’m looking into the problems as I get info on them. If you could email me directly or use the contact form at AWSOM.org and provide some information on the set up of your system I would be very much appreciative.

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